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This photo depicts the shrub thicket where the cemetery is located. The remains of the Merrit Booker family lye here. The 5 memorial box tombs are all crumbling with age and may also have been broken by vandals in the past. The stones are approaching a state of disrepair. Soon they will be unreadable unless there is intervention to glue the parts back together with modern stone epoxies.

This old house sits at the entrance of the Scott Hollow Road. Judging by its architecture it is at least 120 years old. By the way this place is protected by a security firm. Bad guys beware.

This is the sign that designates the original home site as depicted on the National Historic Register as the Booker - Ingram place founded in 1828. It was founded by Merrit Booker the interred here in this cemetery and I believe carries the name of the recent Ingram families who did the work or at least allowed it to be registered as a historic site. We the public must remind ourselves this is a private residence and deserves our respect as such.

This photo looks east from the road at the cemetery over the crest of the hill. From here it looks as if the thicket is a part of the distant hedge of trees, but that is deceiving because the cemetery is out in the field. I estimated that distance as 300 yards but it may be closer to a long 400 yards from the road. 
Photos & Information by Wayne Austin 12/30/2005.