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Take Mooresville Pike south to Scott Hollow Road turn right & follow this road for one mile to point where it turns sharply to the west. Turn into the lane of the house and  farm and the cemetery is an open field in a thicket, on the old Merritt-Ingram place. As one turns into the home place lane look to your left about 200 yards out in the middle of the field will be the thicket where the cemetery is located. 

Locator Map of the cemetery 
Cemetery photos

BOOKER, Merrit H., 4 Jun 1787 - 11 Jun 1839. (52-00-07.) "born in Cumberland Co., Va."
BOOKER, Martha F., wife of Merritt H., (Box tomb beside Merrit H. Booker w/Top shaled and weathered badly. Inscription can no longer be read. Probably for Martha F. listed in T. P. T. W.)
BOOKER, Richard A., 8 Jan 1822 - 13 Jan 1843. (21-00-16.) "Eldest son Merritt H. & Martha F."
BOOKER, Lucien, d. 21 Apr 1842. (16-01-17.) "2nd son of Merritt H. & Martha F."
BOOKER, Mosby L., d. 25 Jul 1846. (16-02-20.) "3rd son of Merit H. & Martha F."

The book They Passed This Way lists a grave in the fence row of the next field
that neither I nor Mr Fred Hawkins found. It was for baby:
PORTER, Elisha W., d. 21 Sep 1828. Aged 10 mos., 11 days.

Photographed 30 Dec 2005 by Wayne Austin on a pretty and cool late evening day. 
It almost looks like someone bulldozed this cemetery into a small brush area. The stones are broken into many pieces and are shaling away. They are hard to read & identify along with the fact that they are sinking below the ground and must be unearthed  and the soil scrapped away. None of them are readable in their entirety and few of the memorials have much of any inscription remaining. There is also some trash thrown into this thicket as if this were a garbage dump. Whew!