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From: Kenneth Warise <>
When: Thursday, September 28, 2006 7:50 PM
To: Rick Gray <>
Subject:Your Article on Blowing Spring Cemetery

You have a very good writeup on Blowing Spring Cemetery.  I read it several
times and decided to write you.  I am 75 years old and live at Knoxville.  I
have a Grandmother, Minnie McKinsie Wires/Warise, buried in Blowing Spring
Cemetery.  She was the daughter of Matha Holloway and Frank McKinsie.  She
was born about 1884 and died in Dec. 1905.  Her grave is not marked.  I
would suspect that it is under one of the fieldstones.  She married my
Grandfather, Reuben Daniel Wires/Warise, on 26 March 1898.  They had 3
children of which my father, Arnold V. Warise, was the second.  Reuben and
Minnie lived somewhere on the Old Military Road near the Cemetery. I had not
not seen the Cemetery 'til after I was married, but I remember my uncle,
Mack McKinzie (Minnie's brother) telling my Father about Blowing Spring
Cemetery about 1939 or 1940.  I remember that they planned to go there
because Mack could point out the exact grave.  It would please us very much
if Minnie's name could be added to the list of those buried there.

Very truly yours,
Ken. Warise

E-mail from Ken Warise. Sent in by by Rick Gray, May 27 2007.