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Go out Bear Creek Pike almost to I-65 and turn northeast onto Blackburn Road and go about a couple of miles and turn on Big Oak Drive. When that shortly terminates on Oak Valley Drive turn right and go about 3 tenths of a mile and the cemetery is visible on your left in a grove of tall forest with new housing development all around. In the summer the memorial stones are hard to spot from the road driving by. There is no fence nor other indication of a graveyard.

Locator Map of the cemetery          
Area photos of the cemetery 

ADKISSON, A., 12 Sep 1804 - 25 Sep 1870. (Same stone with Elizabeth Bailey.)
ADKISSON, James A., 22 Dec 1845 - 4 Mar 1877.
ADKISSON, Piggie, 8 Jul 1851 - 16 May 1877.
BAILEY, Elizabeth, d. 19 Jul 1868. "Aged 75 years." (Same stone with A. Adkisson.)
BARFIELD, L.B., 3 Jan 1860 - 5 Sep 1864. " Dau. W. B. & S. P. Barfield."
CALDWELL, John S., 10 Feb 1811 - 23 Dec 1890. Age 80, of Blanton Chapel area in Maury Co., died & buried at Blanton Chapel Cemetery, member of Lasea Church of Christ." (Columbia Herald, 9 Jan 1891.)
CALDWELL, Sarah A., 15 Nov 1820 - 10 Dec 1899. (wife of John S. Caldwell.)
+CALDWELL, David, died 19 Mar 1787, Age 82. Said to be the brother of John S. Caldwell.
*CALDWELL, Mrs. Mary Pointer, "died Wed., lived in Maury Co. almost 50 yrs; relict of Dr. St. Clair F. Caldwell; member of Presby Church for 40 yrs; buried by husband, daughter and step-daughter in family burying ground; has one daughter Mrs. M. L. Stockard of Mt. Pleasant." (Columbia Herald & mail, 18 Jan 1878.)
DOBBIN, S.H., 18 Jan 1846 - 1 Jul 1864. "Age 18-05-17." "Son E. J. & W.A. Professed religion and joined M.E. Church, 1860." 
, d. 17 Aug 1876 - Age 55 years. ""wife of Wm A. Dobbin. she was the subject of great affliction for many years but was submissive to the Master's will. Embraced religion in youth and was a living member of the M.E. Church South." 
DOBBIN, James C., 15 Nov 1852 - 24 Oct 1868. "Son W.A. & E.J. Dobbin, Professed religion and joined Meth. E. Church South."
DOBBIN, ???, Two graves marked by fieldstones. in the Dobbin grave area.
+DOBBINS, Rev. Wm.A., birth date unknown - 27 Jun 1902. Age 86. (Son James Dobbins.)
DODSON, John, d. 17 Oct. 1899. unmarked grave. Obituary
FLACK, James, 1786 - 12 Oct 1871. Aged about 85 yrs. " Erected by J. F. Deen of Penn." Monument bears the manufacturer's name Wm. Shirley, Columbia.
JONES, Maggie I., 18 Feb 1848 - 20 Oct 1876.
+JONES, John Alexander, birth date unknown - Sep 1895. (Son Mrs. Ailsey Jones.)
+McCORMICK, Capt. Robert B., b. 4 May 1832 - d. Oct 1905. (C.S.A.; Capt in Co. E, 3rd Tenn. Inf., captured and imprisoned at Fort Donaldson and later exchanged; mar. Miss Anna Adkinson in 1866, after her death, he married Amanda Eason on 11 Jan 1885.
McCORMICK, Anna J. Adkisson, 1843 - 13___1879. (wife of (Capt.) R. B. McCormick, mar. 1867. Ref. for date of birth & marriage: Dave Parks
PARKS, Ophelia G.
, 19 Oct 1840 - 30 May 1871. "Wife John W. Parks & dau. Wm. H. & Matilda Blanton."
PARKS, Fay, 7 Oct 1898 - 15 Feb 1899. "Dau. J.S. & H.E." (Only footstone found in 1987.)
PARKS, Hardy M., died 27 Jun 1941 . (65-07-00). (Son Ben F. & Liza Sellers Parks.)
PARKS, ???, Parents of Hardy M. Parks. ( Mr. Huckaby said that he knows they are buried here.)
+PARKS, B.F., birth date unknown - Jan 1897.
+PARKS, Infant Dau., birth date unknown - Dec 1873. (dau. J.W.)
+PARKS, J.C., birth date unknown - Nov. 1903. Age 80 yers.
+PARKS, Mrs. J.E., birth date unknown - Aug 10, 1904. Age 69.
+PARKS, John W., birth date unknown - Dec 1873.
+PARKS, Mary, birth date unknown - Dec 1905. (dau. Mrs. M.E. Parks.)
PEEBLES, Thomas E., 1802 - 2 Oct 1871.
PEOBLES, Sallie, 25 Aug 1813 - 16 Feb 1894. The Thomas & Sallie Peebles/(Peobles) graves side by side, names spelled differently.)
+PERRY, Mrs. E.G., died 25 Jan 1904.
+POWELL, Eric, birth date unknown - 18 Jan 1898.
+RAMSEY, Mrs. Margaret, died 24 Jun 1877.
SANDERS, Joseph I., 1820 - 1888. Father. (Son James D. & Jemima Miller Sanders.)
SANDERS, Mary A., 1821 - 1903. Mother. (Daughter of Andy & Fannie North Rodgers.)
SEALY, John W., 25 Feb 1829 - 21 Apr 1896. (Wife of Tennie Huckaby Sealy is buried in Daniel Cemetery. Son of Enoch Sealy.)
SHIRLEY, Mary Dot, 6 Jun 1899 - 19 Aug 1900. "Daughter of A.M. & L.D. Shirley."
SMITH, Ada V., 2 Oct 1844 - 3 Jun 1895. "Wife Robert F. Smith"
SMITH, Algeron B., 31 Aug 1880 - 5 Nov 1887.
+SMITH, Mrs. Romeo, d. 10 Mar 1904. Age 25 years, nee: McKinney.)
+SOWELL, Will, birth date unknown - Sep 1902.
STORY, M.N., 5 Dec 1859 - 25 Jul 1880.
+WINCHESTER, Dave, birth date unknown - 11 Jan 1897. Age 88 years. ( Native of Mass.)
+WINCHESTER, Lula Malinda, birth date unknown - 11 Jul 1891. (Infant daughter of M/M James Winchester.)
+WINCHESTER, Nannie, birth date unknown - Jun 1902. (Infant daughter of M/M Will.)

+ Indicates a grave that is known to be in this cemetery, and is unmarked, marked by a fieldstone or just a sunken spot.
* Indicates a grave that is thought to be in this cemetery, and is unmarked, marked by a fieldstone or just a sunken spot.

The following memorials were either missed or lost by 30 Dec 2008 when the photographer went thru the cemetery. He did not find them: James Flack, Fay Parks, Hardy M. Parks, M.N. Story. I am inclined to believe some of them are there as the leaves and debris are probably concealing them. The other listings are as noted.

The stones are very sparse in this cemetery. They are scattered around with a tendency to cluster by family as usual in an old cemetery. The graves are many though, with several sunken cavities and fieldstones abounding. This also is indicative of a very old cemetery.

I do not know the history of this church but the tombstones offer some clues that it was a Methodist Episcopal Church South. Several members stated on their tombstones they were members of the Meth. E. Church as you can verify above.

Transcribed by Mary Bob McClain 3 Jan 2009, originally from "Maury Co. Tennessee Cemeteries" by Fred L. Hawkins, pages 82-83.Updates and other data added from tombstone photos and other available site information by Wayne Austin.

Photographed & transcribed again for photographic review by Wayne Austin 30 Dec 2008.  Added here 06 Jan 2009.