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known also as the LOVE CEMETERY.

Here we see the beauty of the fall colors of the distant hills while looking across the Blair-Love Cemetery. The trees cast an evening shadow over the old Blair Family box tombs that has stood against the forces of nature for nearly 200 years.

Go out Hwy 412/Hampshire Pike past Cross Bridges and turn right (or north) on Booker Farm Road. Go 2 & 1/2 miles. After the third sharp (left) bend in the road go another 1/4 mile and look to your left at the cemetery near the road. A line of tall trees will be between the cemetery and the road. Locator Maps   Cemetery area views.

BLAIR, Andrew, 22 Nov 1792 - 12 Oct 1828. (Box Tomb). (s/o James Blair who is buried at Jersey Baptist Church Cemetery in Lexington Davidson Co. N.C.:Served under Capt. John Gordon's spy company, War 1812; John Gordon of Maury Co. was Captain of the Spies & served under Andrew Jackson in the Indian Wars, his family had a ferry on a river at Natchez Trace on the edge of Maury & Hickman Co, Gordon's old plantation home has been restored and is still standing.
BLAIR, Hariet, 19 Jan 1796 - 27 Oct 1819. "Consort of Andrew Blair." (Married 7 Jan 1819; box tomb, inscription faint.)
BUTLER, Rachel Ann Love, 1926 - 18 Mar 2008. (died in Columbia, Maury Co. native; dau. Esborne S. Love and Oma Shelby Love, recognized by Maury Co. Master Gardeners for beauty of her yard; preceded in death by brother Charles Love.)
COPELAND, Howard Glen
, 23 Apr 1939 - 10 Nov 2006. (Overton Co. native; son Herman Stanford Copeland and Stella Gore Copeland.)
DAVIDSON, Rachael Blair, 1776 - death date unknown. (Rowan Co.,N.C. native; d. in Glendale Maury Co., d/o James Blair & Hannah Smith Blair; 1st mar. William Stewart Carson, mar. in Rowen Co., 2nd mar. John Davidson, sister of Andrew Blair. Note: there is no legible stone with Rachael's name found. Ref: Mrs. Paul Carson Smith Co. Tennessee History by Sue W. Maggart, Nina R. Sutton, Editors pgs. 433 - 434. e-mail to Mary Bob from Steven )
ISOM, Eliza A_ _ _ , d. 1826 in 28th year. (Box tomb, faint inscription.)
ISOM, _ _ _?, Box tomb, inscription completely faded. Set in place beside the Elizabeth Isom box tomb.
LOVE, E. H., 16 Apr 1848 - 20 Nov 1929.
LOVE, Sallie M.(Moriah), 8 Feb 1855 - 26 Sep 1943. (wife of E.H. Love)
LOVE, W. C., 19 Sep 1850 - 17 Apr 1931.
LOVE, Mattie Blake, 1860 - 1954.
LOVE, L. (Lucius) D.(Delbrick), 1869 - (28 Apr) 1938. (h/o Annie Delta Curry Love.)
LOVE, Annie D., (16 Nov) 1875 - (30 Mar) 1929. (Maury Co. native; Nee: Annie Delk Curry; d/o Nathan Whitfield & Martha Elizabeth [Liles] Curry; wife of L. D. Love, married 9 Jul 1891; 12 children)
LOVE, Darius E., 4 Jul 1878 - 20 Nov 1967.
LOVE, Evie Sparkman, 17 Oct 1884 - 31 Mar 1969. (Dau. of D. L. & Bettie Hawks Sparkman.)
LOVE, Comy H., 1881 - 1953.
LOVE, Virgie R., 1883 - 1978.
LOVE, Julian Clarence, 2 Oct 1889 - 31 Mar 1981. (Son Wm. C. & Matie Blake Love; mar. Thelma Green; TS has the figure of a mule.)
LOVE, Corbett E., 8 Apr 1893 - 18 Apr 1991.
LOVE, Eunice Moore, 12 Jan 1897 - 2 Apr 1976.
LOVE, Jasper A., 13 Sep 1896 - 3 Mar 1962.
LOVE, Wilma C., 14 Jan 1907 - 6 Apr 1994.
LOVE, Esborne S. (Skipworth), (15 Jan) 1896 - (3 Apr) 1969. died in Columbia; (son of Eli Henry Love and Sarah "Sallie" Moriah (Floyd) Love; mar. Oma S. Love 28 Aug 1921; Esborne had a twin brother Osborne Seth Love that died at birth or shortly thereafter; the Love home can be seen from the cemetery. Upstairs on one of the logs Esborne wrote, "Esborne Love was borned on Jan 15." As long as Mr. Raymond Love was alive, he preserved the writing. Esborne died 3 Apr 1969. Ref: Janet Roberts
LOVE, Oma S. (Oma Isabel Shelby Love), (12 May) 1903 - (10 Oct) 1980. (native of Maury Co.; died in Columbia; Daughter of Sam & Anna Bertie Dodson Shelby; married to Esborne Love 28 Aug 1921.)
LOVE, Rupert L., 30 Sep 1902. (infant)
LOVE, Ione, 17 Sep 1914. (infant).

LOVE, William C., 1916 - (6 Apr 1994). (Oaks & Nichols Funeral Home Marker over to one side, beside the Dixie M. Love grave.)
LOVE, Dixie M., 13 Mar 1929 - 23 Mar 1997.
LOVE, James A., 22 May 1920- 25 Jan 2000. Brother. (Share stone with Lillian O. Love.)
LOVE, Lillian Octia,
31 Aug 1894 - 24 Nov 1990. Sister. (Share stone with James A. Love.)
LOVE, Pearl
, no dates. (Added record by Peggy McNabb, not found by Wayne Austin 18 Nov 2008)
LOVE, Raymond C., 1906 - 1993.
LOVE, Marie T., 1911 - 1962. (wife of Raymond C. Love.)
LOVE, Collins, 12 Dec 1906 - 18 Sep 1910. (Maury Co. native; s/o Lucius Delbrick and Annie Delta Curry Love)
LOVE, Hubert O., 17 Jul 1907 - 23 Jun 1909.
LOVE, T.L. "Toppy", 18 Jun 1904 - 31 Oct 1986. Father
LOVE, Katherine Taylor, 2 Jul 1917 - 2 Jan 2005 Mother. (died in Columbia, Tn. Brentwood, Tn. native; dau. of Augustus Eugene Taylor and Nora Mae Petty Taylor; wife of T.L. "Toppy" Love.)
LOVE, Grady Lipscomb, 1919 - 29 Feb 1922.  (no monument found in 2008)
LOVE, Charles Alton, (10 Mar) 1934 - (22 Dec) 1974. (youngest son of Esborne and Oma Shelby Love. )
LOVE, Joe Willis, 13 Oct 1935 - 13 Oct 1941. (Share stone with Marie Love, b. & d. 1939.)
LOVE, Marie, b. & d., 18 Oct 1939. 
LOVE, Twins, no dates. (Vance and Lance ) (no monument found in 2008)
McMINN, Wade Kennedy, 4 Mar 1919 - 14 Feb 1980. (Nat. of Weakley Co.; son Percy & Fern Kennedy McMinn; 1st Lt., U.S. Army, WWII. Married 3 Jun 1942 to Chloe Love, father to Darius Mark and David Rodney.)
McMINN, Chloe Love, 12 Mar 1915 - 28 Nov 2007 in Columbia, Tn. (Maury Co. native; daughter of Darius E. Love and Evie Sparkman Love; graduate of Hay Long High School; married Wade Kennedy McMinn on 3 Jun 1942)
McMINN, David Rodney, 11 Nov 1946 - 29 Aug 1995. SP5 US Army Vietnam. (Son of Wade Kennedy and Chloe Love McMinn.)
McMINN, Darius Mark, 25 Mar 1951 - 10 Jul 1991. (Son of Wade Kennedy and Chloe Love McMinn; Brother of David Rodney McMinn.
McMINN, Rodney Brett, 6 Mar 1974. (infant).
NELLUMS, George W., 9 Mar 1936, no other date. Probably the death date. Tenn., Pvt. 1CL 60 Inf. 15 Div.  Military Stone
NELLUMS, Pearl Love, 24 Jul 1893 - 20 Apr 1954. "Wife of G. M. Nellums."
PATTON, Louise E., no dates. (Share stone with R. Melvin Patton.)  (no monument found in 2008, by WA)
PATTON, R. Melvin, no dates. (Share stone with Louise E. Patton.) (no monument found in 2008, by WA)
WINCHESTER, Charles Lee, 26 Feb 1918 - 18 Jan 1974. (Son of John A. & Minnie Reese Winchester; Sgt. U.S. Army, WWII.)
WINCHESTER, Mary L., 1924 - no other date. (Mar. Charles Lee Winchester, 29 Mar 1941.)

About boxtombs.
We know that the deceased were laid to rest in the traditional manner under 4 to 6 feet of earth and the box tombs were installed later on top of the ground only as a memorial & grave cover.  There used to be people dumb enough to believe they would find valuables or remains inside.  Only thing inside the box tombs are a bunch of Black Widow Spiders, snakes, and Wasp that will bite & sting any goofball that attempts to open them.

Transcribed originally by Mary Bob McClain mostly from Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries, by Fred Lee Hawkins, Jr.. Additional information from Williams Funeral Home and Oaks and Nichols Funeral Home obituaries, information listed under Andrew Blair about Capt. John Gordon provided by Dora Mai Gordon. 13 Nov 2008. Updated info from Peggy McNabb 21 Nov 2008.

Published here 14 Nov 2008 by Wayne Austin.