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The Blackman Cemetery in the thicket infested with brush and vines. There is a rock wall somewhere in there but cannot be seen here. It may sit on a separate lot instead of a lot where a house has been built next to it. 

In this photo we can see most of the stones in this cemetery though they are not so plain. Beginning on our left are the stones of:
BLACKMAN, Anna, 1 Jan 1785 - 31 May 1849.
(Short brown Flat top stone, left edge of the photo) 
BLACKMAN, Infant son, 6 Jun 1849 10 Jun 1849, "son of A.W. Blackman & Elizabeth, his wife."
(Short shoulder style memorial directly back from Anna with his short footstone in between the two)
BLACKMAN, Albert Washington, 12 Dec 1815 - 27 Jul 1853.(38 years.) "Son Bennett & Anny Blackman."
(still further back but to the right. Tall oval top.)
CRENSHAW, Elizabeth Clinton, 3 Mar 1808 - 1 Jul 1853. (45 years.) "Dau. Bennett & Anna Blackman."
(in the bottom left of the photo lying on the ground)
CLINTON, Richard, 1755 - 18 Aug 1839. 'Who was one of the Revolutionary Patriots."
(Flat top - blackish in color, behind and to our left of Rebecca Blackman)
BLACKMAN, Rebecca, 6 Jan 1812 - 14 Aug 1865. "Dau. B. & A. Blackman."
(In front and just to the right of the Richard Clinton memorial, her footstone is in front of that.)
BLACKMAN, Bennett F., 30 Sept 1810 - 9 Dec 1826. "son of Bennett & Anna Blackman."
(on the ground and just to the right of the tree, aligned in the back row with Richard Clinton's (blackish) memorial visible as a spot with little vines.)

BLACKMAN, Bennett, 25 Nov 1772 - 15 Sep 18--. "son of Stephen & Anna Blackman" (Stone is broken and perched in a tree.)

FARRAR, Lamiza Margaret Ann Elizabeth, 24 Jul 1836 - 1 Jul 1853. Aged 17 years "Daughter of William B. & Martha W. Farrar." (In the far left edge of the photo cut in half)
FARRAR, Martha Wouldridge, 15 Jan 1818 - 24 Jun 1853. (35 years.) "Dau. Bennett & Anny Blackman."
(In the center of the photo straight in front of Anna Blackman)

Photos by Wayne Austin 24 Feb 2009. Added here 17 Nov 2009