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A lone Red Oak tree out in the center of this photo marks the spot where the two remaining tombs of the James Black Cemetery is located. This tree is decaying and in a few years will be gone. So could the cemetery if steps are not taken to preserve it.

This photos looks eastward across the edge of the cemetery toward the Cleaburn Road and Saturn Plant. 
We see here all kinds of stones scattered around. All this may have been an orderly graveyard with fieldstones marking graves or it may be in some cases decaying memorial parts that are crumbling beyond repair. 
No one at this juncture knows of the prospects for survival of the Saturn Plant next door. They have great employees & excellent automobile manufacturing operations, but like all major corporations today and especially the American Automotive industry they are locked in the normal day to day struggles to remain a viable and competitive operation in the world and most especially in America. Lets wish them the best. We know they are among the best. 

This old stone house was a spring or well house where water was secured for families and livestock. It is about 600 yards southeast along Cleburne pike from the James Black Cemetery.
Based on photos & a cemetery survey dated 24 Feb 2009 by Wayne Austin. Added here 22 Sep 2009.