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The Theresa Jane Black memorial. We are facing north west. 
This box tomb is dislocated by the large tree. We see the top with the inscription on top still intact. Under that is the base which should be installed level with the ground and the sides & ends standing on it. We see the ends turned around in various directions, and we see 1/2 of one broken side facing us, with the other half of that side buried at the far end of the tomb. The other side of the two is not seen, but may be in the encased in the belly of the tree trunk, or sunken into the ground nearby.

The Theresa Jane Black memorial on the right of the tree. We are facing east. In the distance we can see the buildings of the Saturn Automotive Plant as we look out across Cleaburn Road and the Rail Road tracks.

The Theresa Jane Black memorial.

BLACK, Theresa Jane, 15 Oct 1816 -15 Oct 1833. (Tumbled box tomb.) "Here under this earth lies as much virtue as could be, who when alive did pleasure give to all whom our friend did live. Sleep safe in deep wait of the Almighty's will."
This box tomb is fallen and parts are pushed up by the tree trunk. The large limbs are in danger of falling on the tomb and further crushing it. A large thorn tree had sprang up on the far side of the tomb and was wedging the top against the tree. I trimmed the thorn tree to relieve the stress on the top as best as I could, though I was not armed with the right equipment to do so. 
Based on photos & a cemetery survey dated 24 Feb 2009 by Wayne Austin. Added here 22 Sep 2009.