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SHARP, Thomas Edward, 21 Sep 21 1928 - Nov 3 1930 (Son of George Thomas and Mattie Emma Webb Sharp. Grandson of Joseph Caskey and Annie Wiley Sharp. Great Grandson of Alex N. and Martha Ann Crawford; plot #324 (see grave maps) according to the informing party.)

Thomas Edward Sharp memorial.

Thomas Edward Sharp.
The above is an update on the grave of a child buried here some 80 years ago.
There was not found anything in our Bethlehem Cemetery records on this burial. We did not even know there was a grave at plot 324. [Photos above now - 13 Nov 2010]

The brother of this child E-mailed me after finding our listing on the Bethlehem Cemetery site.
All the siblings of this child banded contributed to this memorial.
Once again your site has proven valuable and has helped in solving a mystery, albeit one we did not even know existed.
I am sure there are a other such instances waiting to be discovered. A lot can happen since 1868..
Once again
Thank you for your work.
Wayne Sharp, No known kinship to Thomas Edward, the child.
P.S. No kin that I can ascertain, strangely Sharp is a very common name. These Sharps lived in Williamson County.
Information shared with and by Wayne Sharp and was from a surviving brother of the deceased child. Updated for photos sent by this child's brother to Wayne Sharp 13 Nov 2010.