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Tuesday Morning, March 12, 1928


Mysterious Killing of Rawley Galloway Remains Puzzle.

Columbia, Tenn., March 13 - (Spl)- Maury county's second mysterious murder in ten days, the killing of William Rawley Galloway, 62 year old farmer, timber man and stock trader, said to be quite wealthy, and somewhat of a recluse - was, as unsolved as the Thompson killing late last night, although officers under Sheriff W. R. Haywood have been working on the case since the finding of the body first reported shortly after 3 o'clock Sunday afternoon.
The mute evidence that the man had met a violent death, the blood-stained body lying face downward, on the left-hand side of the open fireplace where his mother met death when she fell in the blaze many years ago, was all that officers had to work on, except such facts as they could gather about the life of a man who kept much to himself.
All that is known is that Galloway, whose wealth is estimated by neighbors as from $20,000 to $60,000, met his death from a blow from a blunt instrument, that crushed in the top and back of his skull and that so far as is known, no papers or other belongings were disturbed, and $4.25 in money that he had in his vest pocket was unmolested.
Funeral service will be held Tuesday from the Bethlehem church. He was the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. James Alexander Galloway and was born in the house where he was murdered.
He is survived by three brothers, James L. Galloway of Lewisburg, C. Richard Galloway of Silver Creek, and M. Vance Galloway of Old Berlin, Marshall county. He was never married.