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With this map we can see the GPS Coordinates for the Bethlehem Cemetery in Marshall County Tn. The highway runs along the Maury -Marshall County line here.

To get here go south from Nashville on Interstate 65 to Exit 46 and go east (or left) on Highway 99 to Franklin Pike (Hwy 431 or 106) and turn south (or right) and go a little more than 5 miles and the cemetery is on your left next to the road. Park on the cemetery road south of the cemetery. Also if you have honorable business here or come to honor the interred you are invited, otherwise stay away. Grave looters & Vandals will be shot on location.

With this aerial view from MS Bing mapping we see the cemetery next to Hwy 431.

Located on Highway 431 between Lewisburg and Pottsville, Tennessee. The county lines (Marshall/Maury) switch back and forth at least 4 times right in this area.
The Bethlehem Baptist Church is less than mile North on the same road. This is actually a very old church with beginnings in the Presbytery.

This Map showing the location of the Bethlehem Cemetery from the Delorme Mapping County is a lesson in genealogy. Of the surnames that are buried in this community cemetery the following can be found on the above map shown as names of roads or waterways: Ford, Wiles, Austin, Crigger, McLean, Whitehead, Gillespie, Cheek and maybe others. One can see the importance of geography in the study of Family History from this. [WA, 1-15-05].
Map (last one) from in image of the Delorme State of Tennessee county maps. modified here by Wayne Austin, 15 Jan 2005. Revised 17 Apr 2008. Revised to add maps from Topozone, MS Streets and Trips & MS Bing mapping all modified for this site by C. Wayne Austin 7 Jan 2012.