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Nancy E. Rutledge memorial next to the Civil War memorial of Pvt. Pleasant L. Rutledge.

RUTLEDGE, Nancy E., 28 Feb 1838 - 11 Oct 1915.
RUTLEDGE, Matey O., 1877 - 1879.
RUTLEDGE, Jefferson, 1866 - 1867. (s/o William J. & Nancy Emily Flaniken Rutledge.)
RUTLEDGE, Mary A. J., 1870 - 1879. (d/o William J. & Nancy Emily Flaniken Rutledge.)
"BLOW BLOW THOU WINTER WIND, THOUGH ART NOT SO UNKIND AS MAN'S INGRATITUDE" (Note: Probably a reference to something related to the Civil War and its horrendous after effects. Nancy's life was entwined in the Civil War years from 1861 to 1865, and thereafter under the so called "Reconstruction Years." It is known that John Wilkes Booth did no favors to anyone when he shot President Lincoln. Lincoln it is believe had a true reconstruction plan. Well I guess we will never confirm that.

Information & Photo Wayne Austin, 17 Apr 2008.