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Unknown Soul thought to be the grave of Nannie Hardison, no dates known.

Wayne A.,
You have the following listed for the Bethlehem Cemetery:
Unknown Soul, broken stone near entrance of cemetery, Plot #114.

The Hawkins book contains two listing for a Nannie Hardison.
One is identified, but one is listed as Hardison, Nannie, No dates.
Although there are other Hardisons' buried in the cemetery there are no vacant plots adjacent to them.
Also all plots 115 through 120 are Hardisons', plot 114 is marked unknown with a blank marble stone.
Mr Hawkins worked with Ralph Whitesell a Cemetery Trustee and the Marshall County Historian at the time in compiling this listing so until I know better, and until someone else has better research, I am going to assign plot 114 as follows:


Hardison, Nannie, No Dates, Marked with a small blank marble stone in first row near entrance. NFI available.
Thank you
 Wayne Sharp, trustee, Bethlehem Cemetery, 20 Aug 2012.

Information & Photo Wayne Sharp 10 Oct 2008. Revised 20 Aug 2012 by Wayne Sharp to recognize this plot as the Nannie Hardison grave.