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Update 11 Aug 2010:
1) The Williamson family has determined the death date of:
Williamson, Eliza B. Carr, birth unknown - 27 Sep 1893, Unmarked Grave, Wife of John Jones Williamson. Daughter of Thomas Carr of Stokes County North Carolina. Niece of Revolutionary Soldier John Fendal Carr who is buried in the local vicinity on his former property on Franklin Pike, but the location of the grave has been lost.
WS 11 Aug 2010]

Update 16 Jan 2010:
WILLIAMSON, Eliza Carr, b. Unknown, d. Unknown - Wife of John J. Williamson who was born in 1809, Niece of Revolutionary Soldier John Fendal Carr

Note from Wayne Sharp 16 Jan 2010: After much discussion with Rufus Williamson, the unofficial Williamson family historian, he has come to the conclusion that the unmarked spot next to John J. Williamson is indeed the grave site of John J.'s wife although no dates have yet been determined and may never be. I have added the following to my database and ask that you do so also. Should any dates be forthcoming I will forward them to you. [WS 16 Jan 2010]

Note also from Wayne Sharp 16 Jan 2010: The grave of Revolutionary Soldier John Fendal Carr mentioned above has been lost.  The only information we have indicates that his marker was destroyed in the 1920s and that he is buried approximately 12 miles north from Lewisburg on Franklin Pike. This puts the grave site in the vicinity in which the Williamson/Tindell farm is currently located. Rufus, the Williamson Family Historian speculates that John Fendal Carr's farm and the Williamson farm might have been the same and his niece and husband may have bought the land from his estate, although some records indicate his land was just south of the Williamson farm, perhaps adjoining.

Update 16 Dec 2011 to add the dates for Eliza B. Carr Williamson per Wayne Sharp:
   WILLIAMSON, Eliza B. Carr, 1817 - 27 Sep 1893, Wife of John Jones Williamson b. 1809; Daughter of Thomas Carr; Niece of Revolutionary Soldier John Fendal Carr) Plot #181
[WS 16 Dec 2011]

Information updated by Wayne Sharp 16 Jan 2010. Compiled from discussions with Rufus Williamson.
updated again 11 Aug 2010 after further research by the Williamson Family and again 16 Dec 2011.