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Charles & Jim Aldridge. (An old tin type photo.)
ALDRIDGE, Jim, (1865) - 1898. (Son of Aaron Aldridge.)
The guy on the right with the moustache is Jim Aldridge. He died very young in his thirties (33). That left my grandfather (Dennis B. Aldridge, not in the photo above) parentless. Dennis was then raised by the magnificent George O. Aldridge. (George's father was Richard Aldridge.) George O. passed away in the 40's (1940.) He was the only one I found who was listed in the records of a funeral home. My uncle said they used to call George (cousin) "go figure"? [Jerry Brooks Aldridge 5 Jul 2009.]
Reference for birth date, parentage & note: Sent in by M.B. McClain Richardson 6 Jun 2009. 
Information & Photo Wayne Sharp 10 Oct 2008.