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A photo of the historic Ramsey-Finney house, located down Valley Creek Road near Culleoka, Tennessee. This home (private property please) was obviously founded by the Amis family who lived here one time and are interred in back of the home as was the custom in the olden days. The home may have been of log construction at that time.
No one involved with this project is aware of where the Ramsey name came from, which is attached to the house. It is named the Ramsey-Finney House. Local Historian Alice Algood, who recently passed away, was certain John Dunwoody Ramsey lived there, but representatives of the Amis Family as well as the current owners state that there is no Ramsey name listed on any deeds for the property. Later the property fell into the Finney family.

The Ramsey-Finney home from the side -  across the fence. Notice our yellow tiger kitty again - bottom left.

he above are photos of mill stones which were found by the current owners in the nearby creek. They are on display on their property and tell us there was an old Grain Mill operation on the nearby west fork of Fountain Creek which flows thru here.
Compiled and written by Wes Pullen grandson of this history
The Amis's ran this mill till their deaths. After the Amis's death and after the end of the Civil War, my grandfather, George W. Pullen took over and ran the mill. He did not charge money for turning peoples grain into meal or flour. Instead he took a toll or a portion of the finished product instead. This is how he kept food on the table.
The mill was also used to make spirits, such as apple jack, peach brandy, etc...etc. Grandpa died on 31 Dec 1919 and is buried in McCains cemetery. The mill fell into disrepair  and finally washed away in the 1920's or 30's. I am not sure which era. It is these stones that Mr. Finney pulled from Fountain Creek that are now in the yard of the Finney place or Turnhill Farm. The road that goes to Campbell Station is named in honor of that mill and the last man to run it, which was my grandfather, hence Pullen Mill Road.
There are pictures that exist of the Mill and also artist's rendering. Pullen family members have five of these prints (They were pencil sketches). I (Wes) have 1 of them and it is hanging on our living room wall. I also have a picture.
The mill was located on the bank of the creek. When you turn on-to Pullen Mill road, you will come to a bridge. Look to your right and you will notice the creek turns to your right. This was the location of the mill. After you cross over the bridge the driveway leading up to the Finney house is immediately on your left.
I am connected to the Pullen's, Scott's, Richardson's, and others in this area. My family history in this state starts at the intersection of Highway 31 and Valley Creek Road.  Wes Pullen 5 Nov 2010.

Photos & information by Rick Gray 26 Feb 2005 - sent here 28 Mar 2010. Revised  6 Nov to include the Mill history by Wes Pullen.
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