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Margaret Graham stone is supposed to be here but it is evidently under the soil or broken up.

Samuel Graham.

GRAHAM, Samuel, 18 Sep 1799 - 1 Jan 1860. (Stone has been partially restored.) Can see the 1 of 1799 and that is all in the birth date. June 1 of 1860 is visible in the death date.
GRAHAM, Margaret B., 27 Dec 1801 - 16 Sep 1865. "Wife of Samuel Graham."
I do not know if Margaret has a stone or not. If so it is buried or under the earth. Certainly this memorial is for her husband above and often in the olden days only the head of the household was given a memorial. It was then assumed by all that the spouse lay beside her husband. That generally was because of the availability and expense of memorials then. 
I can see three different pieces above and all of them appear to be parts of the memorial for Samuel that was immersed in a bed of mortar as a salvage restoration project.
Photos & Info by Wayne Austin, 30 Jan 2008.