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ANDERSON, James C., Dec 1802 - 12 Sep 1857. "Married: 29 Jan 1844. Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ." This stone moved from Newsom Cemetery 1979 by J. Clark Anderson, Lucinda is buried at east little fork beside her 2nd husband." (James C. was a gospel preacher; one of the earliest converts of B.F. Hall, preacher in south central Tn. The following is a statement from B.R. Hall referring to a trip to Jackson County, Al. in the summer and fall of 1826: "I went from there to another camp-meeting, higher up in the same county, where I preached the same doctrine, and baptized a number of persons for remission, among whom was Jas. C. Anderson, now a very able and prominent preacher in Tennessee. The following is his own statement of the matter: 'I was immersed by (B.F. Hall,) together with many others, on the 15 day of September, 1825 or 1826, in the State of Alabama, Jackson county, in Jones' Creek. At the time he preached faith, repentance and baptism for remission of sins, but not so fully as it is now preached." ---Millennial Harbinger, Vol. VII, No. 11, Nov. 1843, 514.)

Tombstone photos by Wayne Austin, 30 Jan 2008. Info compiled by Mary Bob McClain. & revised 11 Jan 2010.Use group photo with permission of Tom Childers. It was sent by Denise Newman Stapleton. The identification of the people were not given, but is likely an Anderson Family gathering. Mary Bob McClain 11 Jan 2010.