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GARY, Virginia Louise, Born: 16 June, 1912, Nashville, TN - Died: 11 January, 1918, Chattanooga, TN (daughter of John Buford & Maria Louise ANDREWS GARY, (interred here, memorial not found in 2007)

Daughter of:
John Buford Gary
Born: 21 August, 1886 - Franklin, TN
Died: 3 April, 1958 - West Palm Beach, FL
Maria Louise Andrews Gary
Born: 13 January, 1890 - Churchill, MS
Died: 28 September, 1975 - Jacksonville, FL

Granddaughter of:
Samuel G. Gary
Born: August 1862 - Maury County, TN
Died: 1928 - Thompson's Station, TN
Buried in Alexander Cemetery, Carters Creek, Maury County Tennessee
Ruth Buford Gary
Born: April 1861
Died: 1935
Buried in Alexander Cemetery, Carters Creek, Maury County Tennessee
Thomas McDonough Andrews
Born: 15 October, 1841 - Williamson County, TN
Died: 9 March, 1921 - Nashville, TN
Julia Woods Armistead Andrews
Born: 07 September, 1851 - Nashville, TN
Died: 14 April, 1923 - Nashville, TN

Andy Gary:  "Have you (Wayne Austin) seen a stone in the Alexander Cemetery for a little girl named Virginia Louise Gary? She was my father's sister and she died from being burned in an open fireplace fire accident. She was 5 years old. We have never been able to find her grave. After finding some clippings in the family papers which indicated that she was buried in the Alexander Cemetery, I found the cemetery with 23 family members (Garys, Grahams, and Alexanders). I did not see a stone for little Virginia, but my grandmother may not have ever had a stone put up. I find this unlikely, but possible."  [Andy Gary 15 Mar 2009]
Wayne Austin: "No Andy,  I did not find a stone for Virginia Louise. Therefore most likely there is not one. [Wayne Austin 16 Mar 2009]

Andy Gary: "I am certain that Virginia is buried in the Alexander Cemetery because it is known that my grandfather and grandmother, Louise and John Buford Gary, took the child's body, from Chattanooga where they lived, to the home of John's father, Samuel G. Gary. I can't imagine that they would have buried the child anywhere else but in the cemetery in which a good number of Garys were buried, in including little Virginia's great grandfather, John W. Gary. I would not be surprised if a stone were not present as that was fairly common under those circumstances.
Virginia's Dad, John B. Gary had just gotten a job on the railroad in Chattanooga and they had moved there." [Andy Gary 16 Mar 2009]

Clipping & Info by Andy Gary sent here 17 Mar 2009.