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This map shows the GPS as: N 35.65306, W 86.98599. From Columbia go east on Highway 99/412 for 2-1/4 miles. Turn (left) north on Baker Road and go one mile. Turn (right) north again on Still Pond Road leading to the old Akin house. The cemetery is about 500 feet beyond the barn. I am not aware of the old Aiken home survives today.

The Old barn does not appear to be there anymore and I also don't know the land owner's name, but there appears to be a right of way on Still Pond Road. After that I can't tell here.

With this aerial view one can actually see the rock wall outlined with a yellow highlighter and the center of the cemetery marked with a red check. I would say park on still Pond Rd which does not appear to be a paved road. This point is due south of the cemetery. Walk north thru the woods to the rock wall where inside you will find this historic cemetery.
Maps from ACME Mapper 2.0, MS Streets  & Trips 2005, MS Bing, all modified to show this cemetery location by Wayne Austin 2 Dec 2012.