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This is an aerial view of the area where I believe the cemetery to be. The black arrow points to the spot. However, I have not visited there to prove this correct.  It is very remote and will be hard to reach being nearly 800 yards from the nearest road. The margin of error in the pointer may be as much as 100 yards radius from the tip of the black pointer assuming the USGS Longitude and Latitude are correct. If you visit this spot looking for this cemetery do so in Feb or March when the vegetation is dormant for the winter. Also get permission from the land owner. Nearby roads are Valley Creek Road and Tanyard Hollow Road going south on our left. Pullen Mill Road is on our far right of the map. Map extracted from the MSN Virtual Map site modified here to depict this remote and endangered cemetery. by Wayne Austin 8/12/2005. I believe this is a 1997 aerial view.