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BROWN, Elizabeth Akers, 24 Dec 1793 – 5 Feb 1848 “Consort of Charles V. Brown” (age 54 years, 6 months, and 11 days; wife of Charles Venable Brown – married 19 Oct 1812 in Charlotte County, Virginia; daughter of Peter Akers and Matsey “Martha” Harroway; native of Charlotte County, Virginia)
John C. Crawford writes 6/25/2005: "There is confusion about the inscription on Elizabeth Brown's 
marker. It has been incorrectly read and transcribed because of aging of the stone. Her inscribed birth year is 1793, not 1795; inscribed death year is 1848, not 1818; and inscribed age at death is 54 years, not 51. It is easier to see that this is correct on the original scans than on these images reduced for transmission. And this illegibility is part of the reason for the transcription at the bottom of the images"
Comment by Wayne Austin 6/25/2005: "I agree the date/age numbers are 1793, 1848 & 54. In the old Style inscription 4s and 1s get easily miss-read and so also for 3s and 5s. That is because in the fours the cross bars are very faint. Also the threes and fives are close except the 5s have the top line swept distinctly backwards." 
Revision: 6/25/2005 by John C. Crawford of Decatur GA. to include photo dated Sep 14, 1964 and date correction.
Original inscription provided by Rick Gray of Mt Pleasant TN.,  March 2005.