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                Maury County 1876 Map of property Owners 1876
                Adkison Cemetery, Groveland Ridge Rd (lost cemetery)
                Adkison Cemetery, Santa Fe (Complete 150+ graves, not photographed)
                Akers-Brown Cemetery, Culleoka
(No photos, complete listing and historical notes)
                Akin Cemetery
(No photos, complete listing, three Confederate soldiers who died in the war here)
                Alderson Cemetery (A listing only, not visited.) 
                Alexander Cemetery, near Spring Hill (A listing and 300+ photos) 
                Allen Cemetery (Complete 10+ graves completely photographed)
                Allmond Cemetery, Lasea (Complete 10+ graves completely photographed)
                Amis Cemetery, Valley Creek Rd. (listings & photos, visited by Rick Gray 2005)
                Andrews Cemetery, Rock Springs (Listing & 10+ photos)
                Arlington Cemetery, Mt Pleasant (Some photos & a mostly complete survey of 3416 listing)
Bailey Cemetery, Mt Joy (Complete listin
g 225+ listings, 150+ photos)
Bailey (J.) Cemetery, Needmore (Complete 4 known graves)
                Ballanfant Cemetery, Culleoka (Complete 15 + graves)
                Baxter Cemetery (Complete listing May 2008)
                Beech Hill Cemetery (Complete listing, 85+, all photos, also a church history)
                Bethlehem Cemetery, Pottsville (A complete listing, up to date)
                Bills Cemetery (Complete listing, 7 listings, 3 photos)
                Billington Family Cemetery (Complete listing, 4 graves)
                Bingham Grave, West Point Road (1 memorial)
                Black (James) Cemetery (Complete listing, history & photos)
Blackburn Cemetery (Complete 1 listing & photos)
Blackburn-Kinzer Cemetery (listing & no/photos)
Blackman Cemetery (15+ listings Rev War Soldier - photos)
Blair Cemetery (Complete listing & photos 20+ graves)
Blair-Love Cemetery (Complete listing, 25+ graves)
                Blanton Chapel Methodist E. Cemetery (15 memorial, many lost graves)
Blockers (Elijah) Cemetery, Sawdust (a listing and efforts at locating the cemetery)
                Blowing Spring Cemetery
(Listing & 15+ photos by Rick Gray)
Booker (Merrit M.) Cemetery, Culleoka (a listing & photos, an endangered cemetery)
Booker (Peter) Cemetery, Columbia (5 listings, no photos)
Bowels Cemetery (a listing, destroyed or lost cemetery)
                Boyd Cemetery, Rally Hill (Complete, 12 known graves)
                Braden Cemetery, Tanyard Hollow Rd. (Complete 9+ graves)
                Brady Cemetery (20+ listings)
Branch Cemetery, Philadelphia Church Rd. (Complete 4+ graves)
                Brooks (Abner) Cemetery
(Santa Fe, very old, complete w/photos.)
                Brooks (Abner II) Cemetery
(Santa Fe, not found - listing only.)
                Brooks (Nelson) Graves
(Americans of African descent, Santa Fe, w/photos.)
                Brown (Col. Hugh) Cemetery, Spring Hill
Rev War Soldier.)
                Brown (Henry B.) Cemetery
(Complete with photos.)
                Brown (Hugh) Cemetery, Knob Creek
(Listing only)
Brown (McClintock) Family Cemetery (Listing & locator map)
                Brown (W.R.) Cemetery, Lasea
(Listing & 15+ photos by Rick Gray)
Bryant (Robertson) Family Cemetery (Complete listing, mapping & history)
                Bryant Station Cemetery, Bryant Station
(40+ Listings & photos complete)
                Buckner Family Cemetery, Gipson Hollow Rd
(6+ Listings)
                Buford Cemetery, near Spring Hill
(25+ Listings & photos complete)
Bumpass-King Cemetery (Mt Pleasant, lost graves marked only with fieldstones)
Bunch Grave (Lanton, one very old fallen gravestone)
Burney Family Cemetery (Complete listing small cemetery)
                Bynum-Williams Cemetery
(Listing & photos, found Apr 2011)
                Byrd Cemetery,Kinderhook
(10 graves & photos)
                Caldwell Cemetery, Spring Hill (Complete w/photos)
                Campbell Cemetery (12 listings, no photos.)
                Cathey Family Cemetery (Complete 50 + graves)
                Cathey (old) Cemetery (Complete 10 + graves)
                Cave Spring Cemetery, Theta (200+ listing not up to date.)
                Cecil Cemetery, Mt Pleasant
(25+ Listings & photos complete)
                Cecil (James H.) Cemetery, Mt Pleasant
(children's graves remain)
                Cedar Hill Cemetery, HWY 99/412 (Complete,  photos)
                Central Church Graves, Scribner's Mill Road (1 Listing & photos)
            Cheairs Cemetery, Rippavilla Plantation home
(Historic Cemetery)
                Cheek (John L.) Cemetery, Cheek Bend (12 listings/family charts)
                Chaffin Cemetery, Southport (Complete 30 + graves)
                Chaffin (Coleman) Cemetery, Southport (Lost cemetery, 2 box tombs)
Chavers Cemetery. (Complete 6+ Graves and 4 photos)
                Childress Cemetery, Bryant Station (15+ listings, many photos)
                Childress Cemetery, near I-65 (lost or destroyed cemetery)
                Clymore Cemetery #1, Hardison's Mill

                Clymore Cemetery #2, Hardison's Mill ( Listing & Photos)
                Coffee (Chesley) Graves, Tarrapin Creek (Complete 1 known grave)
Cohea Cemetery, Culleoka (1 listing)
                Coleman Cemetery (Complete 3 known graves, no photos)
                Concord Cemetery (Listing and some updates, no photos)
                Cooper Cemetery (8 known grave listings & photography)
            Columbia-Memorials to Maury County soldiers
(killed in action-War of 1812 thru Desert Storm).
                Cooke Cemetery (Complete 10+ known graves, no photos)
                Craig Cemetery, name was Gilliam Cemetery, South of Howard Bridge ( listing & photos)
                Cranford Cemetery ( listing & finder's mapping)
                Crosby-Harris Cemetery, Snow Creek Rd
(22 Listings & photos)

                Cross Bridges Methodist Church Cemetery, Hampshire Pike ( listing & photos)
                Crowe Cemetery, Rally Hill
(Listing & Photos)

                Daimwood Cemetery Bear Creek (35 listings & photos, historic Cemetery)
                Davidson Cemetery-Hill Station (35+ photos and listing)
                Davis-Mitchell Cemetery (now a lost cemetery - listing only)
                Dawson (John) Cemetery, Mt Pleasent Road (Complete 10+ photos and listings)
                Daniels Cemetery, Bear Creek Pike (15+ many graves not found)
                Daniels (W) Cemetery, Mooresville Pike (Complete 10 + graves)
                Delk Cemetery, Greenfield Bend (85+ graves)
                Derryberry-Hardison (Jacob) Cemetery-Rally Hill (150+ listing, no photos)
                Derryberry-Sharp Cemetery, Pottsville
(Complete 15+ photos and listings)
Derryberry (James L.) Cemetery (New Lesea, complete listing & photos)
                Dockery-Pigg Cemetery
(Complete w/photos 25+ graves)
                Dooley Cemetery, Columbia (very Historic Cemetery)
                Dowd Cemetery
(Complete 1 listing, no photos)
                Ebenezer Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Complete 240+ listings, some photos)
                English Family Cemetery - Hampshire Pike
(Complete listing)
                Erwin (Martin P.) Cemetery
(Complete 5 listings, photos)
                Estes Cemetery
(Complete 35 listings, photos by John Benderman)
                Evergreen Cemetery - Campbell Station, Dodson Gap Rd.
(Complete 44 identified memorials)
                Farrar Cemetery Rock Springs Rd. (listing 8+ memorials)
                Farris Cemetery (Bear Creek, 4 listing.)
                Finch Cemetery - Williamsport (7 memorials)
                Fitzpatrick Cemetery - Culleoka to Lewisburg Hwy. (Complete 9 memorials)
                Fleming/Pleasant Garden Cemetery, (Complete 15+ identified memorials)
                Fly Cemetery
, (listing only 33+ graves)
                Foster (Richard) Cemetery Stiversville (listing 5+ memorials)
                Foster Cemetery #1, Popular Creek Rd. (1 Memorial Complete)
                Foster Cemetery #2, Popular Creek Rd. (Complete listing 5+ memorials)
                Foster-Lee Cemetery Lee Rd. (2 memorials, not found.)
                Fountain Creek Bapt. Church Cemetery, Mooresville Pike. (Complete 7+ memorials)
                Freeland Cemetery, Scribners Mill Road, (no listing)
                Friendship Baptist Church Cemetery (1200+ listings & photos complete up-to-date)
Galloway Cemetery. (Listing & mapping.)
                Garrett Cemetery, Wiley Hollow Rd. (Complete 15+ graves)
                Garrett (James) Cemetery, Culleoka
, (listing & photos)
                Gaskill Cemetery. (Listing.)
                Giddens Cemetery (11 Listings, and photos)
                Gilbreath-Morrow Cemetery, Preacher Holt Rd.
(Complete 40+ graves)
Gill Cemetery, Campbell Station (Rev. War Soldier, 3+ Graves and 5+ photos)
                Gilmer Cemetery. (Complete 2+ Graves and 3 photos)
                Glenn Cemetery
(two listings complete from Rick Gray)
                Glenwood Cemetery, Southport (70+ photos from a large and growing cemetery)
Godwin Cemetery (complete listing not updated to 2010)
Godwin-Chappell Church Cemetery, Athendale (complete listing not updated to 2009)
Gooch Graves, Southport (complete listing, lost cemetery, history included)
                Gooding Cemetery, Hickman Lane (Complete listing & photos)
                Goshen Methodist Church Cemetery (listing)
                Granberry Cemetery (4 listings & 3 photos)
                Gray or Myrick Cemetery (Eight listings complete & 10 photos)
                Green Grave(s) (adjacent to the Oden cemetery)
                Greenfield Bend Cemetery (25 interments w/photos)
                Greenfield (Thomas T.) Cemetery (Very prominent cemetery, Rev. War Soldier)
                Greenwood Cemetery, City of Columbia (45 photos & about 75 listings of 600+ listings)
Griffin-Love Cemetery
(3 l
istings, 1 grave removed to Wilkes)
Grigg Cemetery (Maury/Giles County Line, Complete listing 10 + graves)
                Hackney Cemetery
(5 listings)
                Harbison Cemetery, Snow Creek Rd. (10+ listings and photos)
                Hardison (Charles) Cemetery, Rock Springs Rd. (listings and photos, a large cemetery)
                Hardison (Humphrey) Cemetery, Arthur Sampson Rd. (listings and photos)
                Hardison (Joshua) Cemetery, Hardison Mill (listing, 15+ Graves)
             Hardison (Liggett) Cemetery, Blackburn Rd.
(listing, 7 Graves)
                Hardison (Robert) Cemetery, Rock Springs Rd.
(a listing)
Hargrove (David L.) Cemetery (Complete 75 + listings & photos)
Harmon Cemetery (Complete w/photos & listing)
Harris Cemetery, Santa Fe Pike (Complete, photos and listings)
Harris Cemetery (lost) (this cemetery believed destroyed prior to 1963)
Harvey Cemetery (Complete listing & photos 100 + graves, Many War Soldiers)
                Hawkins-Gains Cemetery (10 listings & 12 photos (African-American)
                Haynes Cemetery (Complete listing & photos 350 + graves, 2 Rev. War Soldiers)
                Hays Family Cemetery (Listing.)
                Haywood Cemetery (Complete 14 listings)
                Hill (James) Cemetery
(Photo of a Rev. War Soldier's memorial)
                Hill (Francis) Cemetery (Photo of a Rev. War Soldier's memorial)
                Hill (Reuben) Cemetery (lost cemetery, three listings)
Hills Chapel Cemetery (Complete listing & photos)
                Hilliard - Ashworth Cemetery
(10 listings)
            Hogan Cemetery, Stiversville (3 listings, & photos)
            Holland-Watson Cemetery (Complete, no photos Rev. War Patriot & Soldier )
                Holt Cemetery, Culleoka to Lewisburg Hwy. (Complete 20 photos)
                Hopewell Church Cemetery
(80+ listings photographed complete)
            Howard Cemetery, Mt Pleasant (Complete 12+ memorials, very historic cemetery)
                Howard Cemetery, Howard Bridge Road
(1 photo, 1 listing)
Hubbell Graves, Miller Lake Rd (Complete, 2 listings/& photos)
                Hughes Cemetery, Athendale (Complete 29+ listings 1 photo)
                Hunter Cemetery, Mt Pleasant (Complete listing and many photos, notable cemetery)
                Hunter (John M.) Cemetery, Bear Creek Pike  (Complete 4 + listings photos)
                Hunter-Kittrell Cemetery. (Complete 50+ memorials, very historic cemetery)
Hurt Cemetery (Complete listing, no photos)
                Isom Family Cemetery (1 listing complete)
                Jacobs-Fitzgerald Cemetery (2 stones found, photographed complete)
                Jackson (Robert) Cemetery, Jackson Bend (listing)
                Jackson Cemetery, Leftwich (Complete listing & photos)
                Jackson College Cemetery-Spring Hill (100+ Memorial Photos complete)
                Jennings Cemetery
(Mt Pleasant 6+ graves, no photos)
                Johnson-Amis Cemetery, Culleoka
(10+ Memorial Photos tour complete)
                Johnson Chapel Cemetery, Natchez Trace (175+ listings)
                Jones Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Isom (Complete listing, 150+ photos later)
                Jones Cemetery, I-65 & Bear Creek (Complete 350+ listings, 150+ photos)
                Jones-Lovett Cemetery (5+ graves, 1 memorial remains)
                Jones (Willis) Cemetery, Santa Fe (Complete 50+ listings, 75+ photos)
                Kelley Cemetery  (25+ graves, a family cemetery near Kinderhook)
                Kinnard Cemetery  (10+ listings complete, a small family cemetery)
                Kittrell Cemetery, Catheys Creek (100+ listings & photos complete)
                Kittrell Family Cemetery,Isom  (10+ listings complete, a small family cemetery)
                Knob Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Santa Fe
(Listing and some photos)
                Lancaster Cemetery, Blue Springs Road ( 2 listings, small hard to find cemetery)
                Lancaster-Kerr Cemetery, Bryant Road (Complete 50+ graves only 14 have an inscription)
                Lanton-Bunch Cemetery, Greens Mill (complete listing, another listing and photos not on this site)
                Lasley Cemetery (10+ Memorial listings - No Photos - complete)
Lasting Hope Cemetery (a few photos and listings, very historic & well kept cemetery)
                Latta Cemetery, Snow Cr. Rd. (Complete, 3 memorials & photos, An old cemetery)
Lavender Cemetery (3 Listings complete)
Lawrence Cemetery (390+ Memorial complete listing - 100 Photos)
Liberty Church Cemetery (3 Listings complete)
Lindsey Cemetery (6 Listings, complete)
Litton Cemetery (3 Listings, large unmarked grave area)
Loftin (Longfield) Cemetery (25 Listings & photos complete)
Loftin (Shadrack) Cemetery (75 Listings & 50+ photos essentially complete)
                Lee (H.B.) Cemetery, Hollywood (3 listings)
                Logue Cemetery (4 photos-one memorial stone)
Love (John Draper) Cemetery (3 listings Cemetery removed to Wilkes-No Photos -  complete)
Lumsden Cemetery (14 Listings, complete survey by the Jackson's and Calvin's)
Lytle Creek or Old City Cemetery, Mooresville Rd (50+ listings & 8 photos, historic cemetery)
                Mack (Walker) Cemetery, McCains (2 photos)
                Maguire Cemetery, Columbia (listing, very old Cemetery)
Manning (Christy) Grave (1 Private
recent Family Memorial)
                Matthews Cemetery (Near Bigbyville (very old and historic cemetery)
Matthews (Newton) Cemetery (
southport complete w/photos)
                Maury County Cemetery Photos-Other (Organized by interment, 5+ photos)
                Maury County Natives or Residents interred elsewhere (Organized by interment)
Maury County - Memorial to the Founders 
                Maury County - Obituary Updates by month 
                McCains Cumberland Presbyterian Church & Cemetery 
                McConnell Graveyard, Southport (lost cemetery, we hope to find it.)
                McLean Cemetery
(10+ graves & photos)
                McKee-Rountree Cemetery, Carters Creek
(Complete survey 200+ burials)
                McKennon Cemetery,
(Complete Listing and Locator Maps) 
                McKissick Cemetery, Southport
(Complete 30+ burials [Historic Cemetery])
                McKnight Family Cemetery
(Complete 4+ burials)
                Miller (Vinson) Cemetery
(1 photo, near Sagewood Subdivision)
                Mitchell Cemetery, Park Station
(lost cemetery, no listing)
                Mooney-Childress Cemetery, Glendale
(15+ graves no photos)
                Moore Cemetery, Culleoka
(5+ graves)
                Moore Cemetery, Rally Hill
0+ graves complete)
                Morrow Cemetery, Hampshire
(Complete Survey, 100+ burials)
                Morton Cemetery, Leftwich (400+ listings & 400 photos)
                Morton (J.T.) Cemetery, Kinderhook
(12 listings)
                Mt Nebo Cemetery, Sawdust
(incomplete Survey, 550+ listings)
                Mt Wesley Akin Nazarene Church Cemetery (listing and photos)
                Murphey (Charles) Graveyard
(1 memorial listing & photo)
                Murphey (Charles Albert) Cemetery, (2 photos-about 10 burials)
             Murphy (Miles P.) (Mack Benderman Road, (Complete 20+ burials (near Lost Cemetery)
                Neapolis Cemetery, (300+ listings & photos complete)
                New Ramie Bapt Church Cemetery (250+ graves 270 photos, thorough documentation)
                Oakley (H.P.) Family Cemetery, (listing & mapping.)
             Oakley (Henry) Family Cemetery, Fly, (listing & mapping.)
             Oakley (James) Family Cemetery, Fly, (
Rev War Soldier's grave listing.)
             Oden Cemetery, Port Royal, (African-American-listing & photos)
             Old Knob Creek Cemetery, Santa Fe, (listing by Scott Fraser)
             Page Cemetery, Fly  (4 listings)
             Park (Samuel) Cemetery, Park Station  (no listing)
             Patterson Cemetery, Hwy 31, (2 listings & photos)
             Patton Cemetery, Hampshire,TN (10+ listings)
             Peay Cemetery, Pottsville  (10+ listings, 4 photos)
             Peeler Cemetery, Columbia  (1 listings & photos)
                Perry Family Cemetery-McCains (50+ Memorials & photos)
                Philadelphia Church Cemetery, Philadelphia, (Complete up to date)
                Pigg Cemetery (photos & 14 listings complete
                Pillow (William) Cemetery (Rev War Soldier -listing
             Pisgah Methodist Church Cemetery, near Hampshire  (600+ listing, incomplete as of 10 May 08)
                Pleasant Mount Cemetery-Glendale (550 + Listings-No Photos - Large Cemetery)
                Polk Cemetery, Carters Creek Pike (complete, 3 box tombs & photo)
                Polk Memorial Gardens
(3000+ listings from this large modern cemetery)
                Polk Lane Cemetery (13+ listings (African American). This is not the correct cemetery name)
                Popular Union Cemetery-Hickman County (180+ Memorials & photos)
                Porter Family Cemetery
(old listing - not visited)
                Potts (I) - Kinderhook Cemetery
(listing, no current survey)
                Potts (II) - Tanyard Cemetery (listing, mapping, but no current survey)
                Pratt Family Cemetery (16 listings, Ralley Hill)
                Puckett Cemetery, Smyrna Church Rd (2 listings + 10 Photos, old Cemetery) 
                Pugh Cemetery (4 listings + 1 Photo) 
                Pulliam Cemetery, Porters (10 + Photos, very old cemetery) 
                Purdue Cemetery (Lost grave) Enterprise Road SE of Mt Pleasant) 
                Ragan Cemetery, Kedron Rd. (5+ Memorials & photos)
                Ramsey Cemetery, Campbel Station
(35+ Memorials with photos)
                Redding Cemetery, Culleoka (1 inscribed memorial, several unmarked headstones)
                Reese's Chapel Cemetery, Campbellsville Pike (300 + photos complete, 11 Rev War Soldiers)
                Renfro Cemetery, Culleoka
(25+ graves 10 photos & a Historical Drawing - complete)
                Richardson Cemetery, Culleoka (listing, several unmarked)                
                Rieves Cemetery (Complete listing, mostly photographed)
                Ring Cemetery, Pottsville
(listing, somewhat up to date.)                
                Rise/Rice-Warden Cemetery, Campbell Station (Complete-2 Memorials)
                Roberts Chapel Methodist Cemetery
(listing & 40+ photos)                
                Roberts-Porter Cemetery (listing  onlys, Rev. War Soldier)             
                Rock Springs Cemetery (listing & 400+ photos)                
                Rose Hill Cemetery, Columbia (about 9,000 listings and some photos)
                Santa Fe Cemetery
(Mostly Complete listing, a few photographs)
                Scribner's Mill also known as Bethany Church Cemetery
(35+ photos-130 listings)
                Shane Cemetery, Campbell Station (Complete- 300+ Graves, Rev War Soldiers)
Sharp Cemetery (William R.) (40+ photos complete listing) 
                Shaw Cemetery, Culleoka
(5+ photos & listings)
Sheboss Cemetery (400+ complete listing) 
                Sheepneck Cemetery, near Mt. Pleasant
(Complete-23 Listings-numerous unmarked Graves) 
                Shiloh Methodist Church Cemetery (10+ Graves & photos)
                Shires (Jacob) Cemetery, Pottsville (photos & listing)
                Shires Memorial Cemetery, Pottsville (110+ listings & photos)
Slaughter Cemetery (17 listings & Mapping) 
                Smiser-Booker Cemetery
(16 listings, no visit)
                Southpoint aka Edward's Cemetery (60+ Graves)
                Sowell (Charles) Cemetery (21 listings)
                Sowell (John) Cemetery (5 listings, Amer. Rev. War Patriot)
                Sowell (William J) Cemetery (13 listings & mapping)
                Sowell Graves (1 Memorial, & photos)
                Spencer Hill Cemetery, Spencer Hill
(Complete 350+ Photos of Memorials)
                Spring Hill Cemetery (800 listings & photos)
                Stephenson Cemetery (7 listings, & photos)
                Strayhorn grave, Cedar Hill (1 listing)
                Street Cemetery (Bear Creek 3 listings)
St Johns Episcopal Church Cemetery, Ashwood (100+ photos, 350 listings)
                Tate Cemetery
(listing only)
                Terrell Cemetery, Beechcroft Rd
(15+ listings & photos)

                Terry Grave
(Complete- 1 memorial, evidence of others buried here)
                Theta Cemetery
(175+ listings, complete thru 1986 w/some updating)
                Theta Baptist Church Cemetery (230 listings & a few photos)
                Thompson Cemetery (thought to be an old slave graveyard)
                Timmons Cemetery (41 Listings complete, Historic Cemetery w/photos)
                Tindall-Pollard Cemetery (4 Listings)
Todd Cemetery, Mooresville Pike (10+ photos & listings)
                Turnbo Cemetery, Enterprise
(Complete- 2 memorials)
                Underwood Cemetery (Complete listing, east side near I-65 & the Duck River)
                Unnamed Cemetery, Pulaski Pike
(no listing no stones found, just graves)
                Vaughan Cemetery, Sowell Mill Rd.
(Complete- 10+ memorials, historic)
                Vestal Cemetery,(lost), Santa Fe (commentary only)
                Walker (Thomas) Cemetery, Columbia,Tn, (listing 10+)
                Watkins (Benjamin) Cemetery, Port Royal, (new discovery, old Cemetery, never published)
                Watson-Pinkston Cemetery, Smyrna Church Road, (Complete-20+ listings)
                Watson (John W.) Cemetery, Fred White Rd, (5 listings & 20+ photos)
                Watts Hill Cemetery, Watts Hill Road, (Complete-70+ listings)
                Webster Cemetery, Hampshire Pike, (Complete-80+ listings)
                Wells Cemetery, Campbell Station (Complete- 20+ Graves)
                Wells (Thomas) Cemetery, Spring Hill
(Complete 15+ listings)
                West (John S) Cemetery, Godwin
(Complete 3 listings of 5 tombs)
                West Point C. P. Church Cemetery Theta Pike
, (incomplete 140+ listings thru 1987)
                White Family Cemetery (7 listings & photos complete)                
                Wilkes-Campground Cemetery, Culleoka
(Complete- 550+ Graves)
                Williams (Joshua) Cemetery, Santa Fe (Complete 20+ Graves)
                Williamsport Bapt Church Cemetery, Williamsport
(Complete 100+ listings)
                Williamsport Methodist Church Cemetery, Williamsport
(Complete 400+ listings)
                Winn Cemetery, Frank Moore Rd.
(Complete- 8+ Graves)
                Wisener (Samuel O.) Cemetery, Chickasaw Trace Park
, (listing and photos)
                Wisener (#2) Cemetery, Roberts Bend Rd., (lost cemetery)
                Woody Cemetery, Santa Fe (Complete, 14+ Graves & photos)
                Wright (Gideon) Cemetery
(Lost cemetery - no visit, last visit 1963.)
                Workman Cemetery (8 Listings & Photos)                
                Worley Cemetery, Isom
(listing 150+ Graves)
                Zollicoffer Cemetery
(Complete per known grave-no photos)
             Zion Presbyterian Church Cemetery,
(several Rev War Memorials and other burials-large Cem.)

Giles County Map of Property Owners, 1878, D.G. Beers (Complete)
                Giles County Obituaries - 14,000 ea. 1900-1998                
                Abernathy (Alan) Cemetery (12 listings & 25+ photos complete)                
Abernathy (Daniel) Cemetery (20 listings
- no visit)                
                Abernathy (Jesse & James) Cemetery (39 listings & 25+ photos complete)                
Abernathy (Sterling) Cemetery (3 listings &
Abernathy (Wiley)-FranZona Cemetery (listings &
Abernathy (William) Cemetery (listings &
Abernathy (James) - Brown (James) Cemetery (listings &
Abernathy Cemetery (African American), African Hollow, listing) 
Abernathy-Pittard Cemetery 20+ graves & Photos.)   
Adams Cemetery (listings &
Aldredge Cemetery (1 listing, photos & location of unknown graves.) 
                Allen-Carpenter Cemetery (listing & location.) 
Anderson & Other unknown Cemetery (listing & photos.)  
Anthony Cemetery (listing & photos.)  
                Austin/Harlow/Croney Cemetery (listing & photos.)
                Aymett Family Cemetery (listing & photos.) 
                Barrett (Wade) Cemetery (a listing - 9 graves known.) 
Barlar - Surname listings by Cemetery (a listing - by location.) 
                Batts Cemetery (African American, listing & photos.) 
                Beasley (John A.) Cemetery (12 listings & photos.) 
                Beasley-Fogg Cemetery
25 listings & photos.) 
                Bee Springs Cemetery
700+ listings & 900+ photos.) 
                Beech Grove C.P. Church Cemetery
16+ listings & photos.)  
                Beech Hill Cemetery
120+ listings & photos.)                
                Benson-Patterson Cemetery
(25 listings, o photos)                
                Bethany Cemetery
(Historic Bethany Church Cemetery, 172
+ listings & 372 photos.)
                Bethesda Meth. Ch. Cemetery
(140+listings & 200+ Photos.)                
                Biles-Potts Cemetery
Liberty Rd Listing & location maps.)                
                Birdsong Cemetery
28+ Graves & 35+ Photos)                
Black, (Alexander) Cemetery (listing & location.)                
                Black, (John) Cemetery (Minor Hill, Giles Co.)                
                Boatright Cemetery (four known graves - complete w/ photos)
                Booth Chapel Cemetery (350 listings complete w/photos)
                Boswell-Carter Cemetery (historic - Primitive Baptist Church Cem - complete w/ photos)
                Bowers-Phillips Cemetery (very historic complete w/photographs)
                Boyd (J. Wiley) Cemetery (Three inscriptions - one stone photographed)
                Bradshaw-Centerpoint Bapt Church Cemetery
(500+, Complete)                
Brick Church Cemetery (Giles County, Historic 600+ , Completely photographed)                
                Briggs Cemetery (small neglected family cemetery 11 listings & photographed) 
                Brooks-Melton Cemetery
(N. of Elkton, 6 graves complete)
Brown Family Cemetery (Old Lynnville, County, photographed) 
                Brown (Davis) Cemetery (Hardy Road/south of Pulaski off Hwy 31 Complete)
                Brown (Duncan) Cemetery
(Newman Hollow Road/I-65 complete) 
Brown (Good Billy) Cemetery (TN/AL State line complete) 
                Brown (Lewis)-Baugh Cemetery (Giles Co complete)  
                Brown-Hayes Cemetery
(Giles Co complete) 
                Brown-Knight Cemetery
(Giles Co complete)                
                Bull Family Cemetery
(Elkton, Mulberry St., very large monuments.) 
                Burton Family Cemetery
(6 Memorials, Hwy 31Alt. NE)  
                Butler (Henry Todd) Cemetery (Memorials, & Photos)   
                Butler (John) Cemetery
(25+ Memorials, & Photos)  
Campbell (Hamilton C.) Cemetery (Campbellsville, Giles Co. 25+ graves complete) 
                Campbell (Hugh) Cemetery (Poplar Hill, Giles Co. 14+ graves complete)                
                Campbell (Thomas M.) Cemetery
(near Campbellsville Giles Co. 3 marked graves complete, many fieldstone)
Campbellsville Cemetery (Campbellsville, Giles Co. 315+ graves & photos complete)                
                Cardin Cemetery (Old Stage Coach Rd. 9+ memorials,  w/photos) 
                Carter Cemetery
(Hams Creek Rd. 68+ memorials,  w/ photos) 
                Carvell Cemetery (near Campbellsville, Giles Co. 10+ memorials,  w/ photos)
                Case Cemetery
(Giles Co. 10+ memorials,  w/ photos) 
                Chapman Cemetery
(s. of Campbellsville, Giles Co. 40+ memorials,  w/ photos)
                Chestnut Grove (old) Cemetery
Civil war graves-Anthony Hill. 700+ memorials,  w/photos)
                Chestnut Grove (African American) Cemetery
(Gimlet Creek, 50+ listings,  w/photos)                
                Choates Creek Methodist Church Cemetery
(e. of Pulaski on old Hwy 64, 295 listings & 320+ photos)                
                City (old) Cemetery, Pulaski
Old graveyard made into a park, 1967-1968 200+ memorials)                
                Civil War, Fallen Confederate Soldier's Monument
(Hwy 31, Giles Co. 9+ listings, native to other places)                
                Clifton Cemetery
small family graveyard)                
                Compton-Daught Cemetery
(Abernathy Rd, Giles Co. 23 listings complete)                
                Cook Cemetery
(Cook Hollow Rd, Giles Co. 25+ listings complete)                
                Cool Spring Cemetery
(Hwy 11, 158 listings 175+ photos) 
                Cross Cemetery
(Hwy 110, 40+ graves 30+ marked & photos)                
                Daly-Abernathy Cemetery (Pleasant Hill Rd, Giles Co. 75+ listings complete)                
                Dickerson Cemetery (Giles County, 1 stone, complete with photos)                
Dodson Cemetery, Dodson Gap Rd (Giles County, Complete listing)                
                Dunnavant Cemetery (Giles County, Complete with photos)                
                Eagin Family Cemetery (near Elkton 9 listings w/photo)
                Elder-Powell-Whitfield Cemetery
(Complete Listing w/photos)                
Elkridge Cemetery (Giles County, Historic, Complete Listing & about 300  photos)                
                Elkton Cemetery (Elkton Community Complete 900+ listings, w/1,000+ photo)
                Elkton Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery
(Old Elkton (White) Complete w/photo)                
                Elkton - St Elizabeth's Baptist Church Cemetery
(African American, Complete w/photos)                
                Elliot Cemetery
(Giles County, Ardmore)
                Estes Cemetery
(Giles County, Complete, 8+ graves & photos) 
                Eubank Cemetery
(Giles County, rediscovered cemetery)                
                Evans-Angus Cemetery
(Giles County, Old Lynnville)                
                Ezell/Abel/Menafee Cemetery (Giles County, Complete)                
                Ezell Cemetery of Sumac (Giles County, no photos)                
                Ezell Cemetery of Pulaski
(Giles County, no photos) 
                Ferrell-Judkins Cemetery (10+ listings & photos)                
                Flannigan Hill & Ridge Cemeteries
(2) Giles Co African American burial grounds.
                Flournoy Cemetery
Giles County 8+ listings.                 
                Fogg Cemetery
Giles County 150+ listings & photos. white & black sections) 
                Franklin Cemetery
Giles County 2 unmarked grave listings.
                Fry Cemetery
Giles County 25 listings.   
                Garrett-Pinson Cemetery
(Giles County, 10+
listings complete photos)  
                Garrison Cemetery
(Giles County, 10+
listings complete photos)   
Gibsonville Cemetery (Giles County, Historic 700+, Complete w/photos)   
                Gilbert Cemetery-old black section (Giles County, 70+, Complete w/photos) 
                Gilbert Cemetery-old white section
(Giles County, 80+, Complete w/photos)
                Giles County - Other listings
(Giles County listings for Cemeteries not posted) 
                Giles Memory Gardens
(Pulaski, Giles County 2,600+ listings)
                Gilliam Cemetery
(Giles County, 4 listing)  
Gooch Cemetery (Giles County, Historic 10+ , Complete photos)
                Good Springs Cemetery (Giles County, 80+, African American, Complete some photos) 
                Gracy-Pittard Cemetery
(Giles County, 10+ graves, Complete w/photos)
                Greenwood Cemetery (Giles County, Weakley Creek Rd, Complete w/152 photos) 
                Grubbs-Scott-Crook Cemetery
(Photos & Listing.) 
Hannah-Yokley Cemetery (Giles County,  very historic, 120+ photos)
                Hart Cemetery (Giles County,  2 stones remaining, photos) 
                Harwell (Hartwell Sr.) Cemetery
(Giles County,  9 stones remaining, 3 inscribed w/photos)  
                Harwell (William Fielder) Cemetery
(Giles County,  8 listings, w/photos) 
                Harwell-Worley Cemetery
(Giles County, some partial listings, no tombstones)  
                Hastings Cemetery
(African American,  2 stones remaining, 3 photos) 
                Hazlewood-Ross-Eubank Cemetery
(Giles Co, Fiducia Road) 
Helton Cemetery (Campbellsville, Giles County 70+ memorial photos)
                Hickman Cemetery (Giles Co, Hwy 166 west side 2 listings - 1 photo) 
                Hill Cemetery, (Complete 1 grave.)
                Hopewell Cemetery (Giles County Complete reporting, many unmarked graves)
                Hopkins Cemetery (Complete 80+ listings and 100% photographed)
                Hopson Cemetery (destroyed cemetery-Historical Listing)
                Houze Cemetery (Complete reporting & photos)
                Howell Cemetery, Giles-Maury County Line (Complete reporting, many unmarked graves)
                Indian Creek Missionary Bapt Church Cemetery (Giles County, African American, listings & photos)                
                Indian Creek Primitive Bapt Church Cemetery (Giles County, Indian Creek Rd., listings & photos)                
                Jackson Cemetery (Giles County,  200+ listings & updated photos)                
                Jackson (Samuel) Cemetery
(Giles County, 
2+ listings - lost cemetery)                
                Johns-Hamlett Cemetery (Powell Chapel 58+ listings & photos) 
                Joines Cemetery (Giles County,  12+ photos & listings)                
                Jones (AH) Cemetery
(Beech Hill Rd.  2+ listings & photos)                
                Kedron Cemetery
(Giles County, 
+ listings Complete with photos)                
                Kelly Cemetery
(Giles County,  19
listings Complete with photos)                
                Kiddy-Puncheon Cemetery
(Giles County,  5+ listings and several unmarked graves- Complete)   
                Kimbrough Cemetery
(Giles County,  55+ Photo Complete)                
                Kimbrough (Afri. Amer.) Cemetery
(Giles County,  43 Photo Complete)                
                Kimbrough (Henry) Cemetery
(30+ listings, 75 Photos)                
                Kimbrough (Susan) Cemetery
(1 marked grave, several unmarked)                
                Kincaid Cemetery
(Giles County,  15+ Complete with photos)                
                Laird-McLaurine Cemetery (Old Lynnville)                
                Lane Cemetery
(Giles County, Buford Station,
2 Rev War Soldiers, Complete.)                
                Lane-Young Cemetery (African-American, Wheelerton)                
                Legg-Coffman Cemetery
(Giles County, Earl Townsend Road, Complete.)                
                Lewter Cemetery
(Giles County, Stephenson Road, Complete.)                
                Long Cemetery, (Giles County, 3 graves new cemetery.)                
                Lucy-Colvett-Roper Cemetery
(Giles County, Campbellsville, Complete photos)                
Lynnwood Cemetery (Giles County,  3,500+ graves, 3,600+ photos)                
                Macklin Grave
1 grave, Giles County, Complete)                
                Maclin-Aymett Cemetery
(aka Aymett Cem. 19
listings, Complete)                
                Maddox-Jordan Cemetery
listings, no photos
                Maplewood Cemetery, Pulaski
(10, 500+ Listings & abt 1,000 photos)  
                Marks (Edward) Cemetery
graves, Blooming Grove Rd)                
                Marks (John) Cemetery
graves, Giles County, Complete)                
                Marks-Gordon-Cole Cemetery
graves, Giles County, Complete)                
                Marks-Harwell Cemetery
graves, Rev War Soldier, Complete)                
                Mason Cemetery
+ Grave listings, about 50 graves including unknown, Complete) 
                Mason-Claxton Cemetery
+ Marked Graves, many unmarked graves)                
                Massey Cemetery
15+ Graves, Giles County, Complete) 
                Maxey (Isaiah) Graves
2 graves, if not more, unmarked.) 
                Maxwell Cemetery
(white and black, slave child buried here.)  
                Mays-McCracken Cemetery
20 Listings, Giles County, Complete) 
                McCanless Cemetery
(Friendship, 14+ graves &
photos, Complete)  
                McGuire Cemetery
(Bee Springs - not reported in the past) 
                McMillion Cemetery
(15+ graves, photographed complete) 
                McNeese Cemetery
(16 graves, photographed complete.)                
                Miller Cemetery
Giles Co., Hannah Road Complete)                
                Minatra Family Cemetery
Giles Co., Lloyd Road Complete)                
                Mitchell-Abernathy Cemetery
Giles Co., Hwy 31 South Complete)                
                Morristown (b) Cemetery
Giles Co., African Amer.)                
                Morristown (w) Cemetery
Giles Co., Dry Creek Rd.)                
                Morris (Isaac) Grave
Giles Co., Dry Creek Rd. 1 monument.)                
                Morrow Cemetery
Along Hwy 166 n. of Campbellsville - 5 stones/photos.)                
                Mt. Carmel Cemetery
(Giles County, Historic 200+, 
complete photos)                
                Mt. Moriah Cemetery
(Giles County, Historic 1,340+ listings, 
complete - w/1700+ photos)                
                Mt. Pleasant/Dianna Cemetery
(Giles County, Historic 500+, 
complete photos)                
                Mt. Zion-Frankewing Cemetery
(Giles County, 300+, 
Obituary listing - partially photographed) 
                Myers Cemetery (Giles County, African American, 6 Graves, one without a marker.- photographed)                
                Nave-Phelps Cemetery (Giles County, 10+ listings & photos)
                Neal Cemetery (Giles County, 1 stone)                
                Nelson Cemetery (79 Listings, with 150+ photos)                
                New Hope Bapt. Church Cemetery (Giles County, 600 listings & 600+ photos)
                New Providence Church Cemetery (65 Listings, with 100+ photos)                
                New Zion Bapt. Church Cemetery (Giles County, 600 listings & 600+ photos)
New Zion Church of Christ Cemetery (Giles County, 81 listings & 1
00+ photos)
                Noblit Cemetery (150+ listings & 100+ photos)
                Oak Grove Cemetery (Giles County, 200+ Cow Horne Hollow Rd., & photos)
                Oak Grove (African American) Cemetery (extinct Baptist Church location, 50+ listings Cow Horne Hollow Rd., & photos)
                Odd Fellows Cemetery (Giles County, Ardmore, African American, 60+ photos)
                Old Prospect aka Fort Hill Cemetery (Giles County, southwest of Prospect, several photos)
                Oliver Cemetery (Giles County, Hwy 64 East N. side, several photos)
                Osburn Cemetery (Giles County, Indian Creek Rd w. side, photos)
                Oxford Cemetery (Giles County, 100 Listings & photos)
                Park Cemetery (Giles Co, 15+ graves complete)                
                Parker-Carpenter Cemetery
(Giles Co,
                Peterson Cemetery (black)
(photos & listings)                
                Petty Cemetery
(Giles Co,  photos & listings)                
                Phelps Cemetery
(Giles Co,  Hwy 166, photos & listings)                
                Phillips-Taylor (black) Cemetery
(photos & listings)                
                Pillow Cemetery
(listing & photos, only 1 standing stone remains)                
                Pisgah/(Mt. Pisgah) Cemetery
(650+ listing/Obituaries & 50% photographed) 
                Pleasant Hill Meth Ch. Cemetery
(250+ photos & listings, Giles Co complete) 
                Pleasant Ridge U. Meth Ch. Cemetery
(300+ photos & listings, Giles Co complete)     
                Poplar Hill (New) Cemetery
(African American, 6 listings & photos, complete)                
                Poplar Hill (Old) Cemetery
(African American, 50+ listings & photos, complete) 
                Poplar Hill Cemetery
(white, 35+ listings & photos, complete)                
                Portress-Moore Cemetery (10 graves, listings & photos complete)                
                Prospect Cemetery (Giles Co,  Prospect, 800+ photos & listings)                
                Powell Cemetery (150+ listings & photos, complete) 
                Powell-Kincaid-Gibbons Cemetery (24+ listings & photos, complete)
                Pullen (Chapmen) Grave
(Giles Co,  1 grave, African Hollow, (African American) photos & listing)                
                Rea-Doster Cemetery
(Giles County, 18 listings-photos, complete) 
                Reynolds Cemetery (3 Listings, Complete w/photos)  
                Roberts Cemetery
4 Listings, Complete)  
                Roberts Family Cemetery
4 Listings, no photos yet
                Rocky Point Cemetery
Giles Co., African Amer. Complete)    
                Rodes-Clifton Place Cemetery
4 Listings)                
                Roland Cemetery (8 listings, with 30+ photos, complete)      
                Rose Hill Cemetery (400+ listings, Giles County, Listings)
                Salem Methodist Church Cemetery (85+ listings actually two cemeteries, some African American) 
                Samuel (Anna) Cemetery (Giles County, 6+ listings complete w/photos wife of Rev. War Soldier)   
                Samuel (Anthony) Cemetery
(Giles County, 1 listing complete w/photos
Rev. War Soldier)  
                Sandusky-McKnight Cemetery
(Giles County,
3+ listings complete w/photos)  
                Serls Cemetery
(Giles County, 10+ graves complete w/photos) 
                Scotts Hill Cemetery
(Giles County, 650+ listings & other death notices w/many photos) 
                Shadden Cemetery
(Giles County, 10+ graves complete, most found and photographed)
                Shoals Bluff Cemetery
(Giles County,
40+ listings complete)  
                Shores (at the Bapt. Church) Cemetery
(Giles County, 120+ listings complete)  
Shores (at the Church of Christ) Cemetery (Giles County, 40+ listings complete)  
                Shores (at the Hanna Bapt. Church) Cemetery (Giles County, 110+ listings complete)  
                Shores (old) Cemetery (Giles County, 11
1 listings w/photos complete)
                Short Cemetery
(Giles County, 10
listings w/photos complete) 
                Simpson Cemetery (86 listings, 100 photos.)  
                Simpson Chapel Cemetery
(18 listings, 22 photos.)   
                Smith Cemetery of Lynnville (Giles County, 20+ listings across from Lynnwood)  
                Smith or Pulley Cemetery
(Giles County,
20+ listings down Hwy 166 complete)   
                Smith (Con) Cemetery
(Giles County,
20+ listings)                
                Smith (Isaac) Cemetery
(Giles County,
10 listings, a few photos.)                
Stella Cemetery (Giles County, 700+ listings w/photos complete)                
                Strong (David) Cemetery (Giles County, 4 listings, and unmarked graves-no visit no photos.)   
                Tacker Cemetery
(Giles County, 25 listings-unknown location at this time.)   
                Tacker Family Cemetery
(Giles County, 3 listings unknown location at this time.)  
                Tarpley Cemetery (Giles County, 4 listings, 3 photo.)
                Taylor (Dr. Gilbert) Family Cemetery (10 Listings and 1 photo)
                Thompson Cemetery (Giles County, 13 listings, 20 photos.) 
                Thornton Cemetery
(Giles County, 5 listings, 15 photos.)
                Tillery Cemetery
(Giles County, Photos & listings 10+ burials)                
                Tinnon (Robert) Cemetery
(Giles County, 5 listings & photos.)  
                Tinnen (Alexander) Cemetery
(Giles County, 2 formal gravestones, several graves photographed.)
Upshaw Memorials (Giles County, I-65 Rest Stop) 
                Vaughn Famly Cemetery (Giles County, 6 known graves)  
                Vincent-Reese Cemetery
(Giles County, Wright Rd complete)                
                Wagstaff-Brownlow-Boatright Cemetery
(Old Lynnville back southwest. Hard to find
                Waldrop Cemetery
(Hwy 31N near Old Lynnville, at Maury Co Line.) 
Walker Cemetery (Hwy 129 near Lynnville, Complete Listing & photos.) 
                Warden (Richard) grave (Big Dry Creek Road s. of Campbellsville, lost grave.) 
                Watkins (John) Cemetery
(Ardmore, grave of
Rev. War Soldier John Watkins
                Wells-Smith Cemetery
(Mitchell & Bunker Hill Rd, Giles County, 25+ photos) 
                Wells (William) Cemetery
(Crestview Rd on Britton Branch,
Rev. War Soldier Wm Wells
                West Side Cemetery
(183 listings, 200+ photos)
West (Samuel A.) Family Cemetery (Blue Branch Rd, Giles County, 20+ photos) 
                White (Elisha) Cemetery (Waco, Giles County, Historic, Complete Listing & photos)  
                White (John) Cemetery (Complete Listing & photos)
                White (William C) Cemetery
(South of Shoals Bluff)                
                White-Lawrence Cemetery (Giles County, Complete listing & photos)  
                Whitfield-Reed Cemetery (Giles County, Complete listing & photos)   
                Wilkerson Family Cemetery (Hwy 166/Hannah Rd, Giles County, 20+ photos) 
                Wilkinson Cemetery (Hwy 31 just N of Pulaski on left.) 
                Williams Cemetery
(Hwy 166s, 22 Listings, Photos)     
                Wilsford Cemetery (Kerr Hill Rd, Giles County)        
                Worley Cemetery (Hwy 64 East, Complete Listing & photos)                
                Wray (Rachael) Cemetery (Elk River, Complete (2) Listing1 & 1 photo)                
                Yant-Merrell Cemetery (Young Chapel Road, Giles County, 3 listings & 5 photos)                
Yokley (Samuel) Family Cemetery (Locke Road, Giles County, 3 photos)                
                Yokley Cemetery (Hwy 245, Giles County, 100+ graves & photos, Rev War Soldier)
                York Cemetery (2 known graves, w/photos)                
                Young's Chapel Cemetery
(Young's Chapel Rd, 90 Listings, 100+ photos)

                Forrest (Nathan B.) Project (Graves of Confederate Soldiers, several counties - Limestone Co., Al and S. Mid Tenn)                

                Allen Cemetery (Listing partially updated)
                Berea Church Cemetery (Listing partially updated)
                Billington (Ezekiel) Cemetery (Listing partially updated)
                Bills Cemetery (12 Listings & photos)
                Boyet Cemetery (10+ Graves all photographed)
                Boyet-Elliott-Chunn Cemetery (43+ Graves, about 100 photos)
                Cathey Cemetery (Caney Springs Rd, Marshall County, 18 Listings)
Cheek (Jesse D.) Cemetery (C
lark Rd.
, Marshall County,
7 Listings)
                Cochran Cemetery (368 Listings, 150 Listings photographed)
                Colvett Cemetery (west side of Mooresville Rd., Marshall County, 3 Listings)
                Dabney Cemetery #1 (25+ graves w/photos, Marshall County)
                Dabney Cemetery #2 (7+ graves w/photos, Marshall County)
                Davis Cemetery (Cornersville, Ostella Hwy, 63 listings, Marshall County)
                Davis-Moore Cemetery (Cornersville Hwy, Marshall County)
                Derryberry (Andrew Jackson) Cemetery (nw corner Marshall County, complete)
                Duncanville aka Pleasant Hills Cemetery (Duncanville Hwy 373, Marshall County)
                Edwards Family Cemetery (Complete, 6 Listing w/photos)                
                Elzey Cemetery (listings and photos-Rev War Soldier, cemetery never before seen by the public)
                Fowler (JL) Cemetery (listings and photos)
                Fowler (Sherwood) Cemetery (110 listings and photos
Rev War Soldier)
                Fox-Wheatly Cemetery (Marshall County, listings and photos, from Faye Bradford)
                Hardison Cemetery (aka Louis Nicholson Cemetery, Marshall County, African-American, complete)
                Harper-Riley-Taylor Cemetery (listing and photos, from John C. Jones)
                Harris Cemetery, Glendale (Marshall County, listings and photos, from Michelle Batte)
                Horton Cemetery (
Brown Shop Road, 80+ listings and photos)
                Houston Cemetery (2 Rev War Soldiers, Marshall County, 40+ listings and photos)
                Lone Oak Cemetery, Lewisburg (Marshall County, 4,000+ listings, by Faye Bradford.)
                Luna (Peter) Cemetery (
Revolutionary Soldier, Photos by Ann McDonald)
                Macedonia Cemetery (Marshall County, listing)
Mars Hill (New) Cemetery (Marshall County, 800 Listings & 560+ photos incomplete)
Mars Hill (Old) Cemetery (Marshall County, 100 Listings & 200+ photos complete)
                Marsh-Davis Cemetery (35+ listings and photos)
                Marsh-Haywood Cemetery (Marshall County, listings and photos)
                McAteer Cemetery (Marshall County, listings and photos)
                McCord Cemetery (Marshall County, listings and photos)
                Moore Cemetery (listings and photos)
                Mt. Carmel Cemetery (Lewisburg, 141 listings, 300+ photos, very old cemetery)               
                New Bear Creek Church & Cemetery (Marshall County, 50+ Listings & 70+ photos complete)
New Hope Cemetery (640+ Listings & 800+ photos complete, Rev War Soldier - historic)
Old Bear Creek Church & Cemetery (Marshall County, Historic, Listings)
                Palmetto Cemetery (177 listings & some photos)
                Pickens Cemetery
(31 listings & photos,
Rev War Soldier)
                Powell (James) Cemetery
(17 listings & photos)
                Prosser-Gabbert Cemetery
(24 listings & photos complete)
                Purdom Cemetery
(Near Lewisburg Lake, unmarked graveyard)
                Reed Cemetery (Lewisburg, Marshall County, Photos & Listings)
Reed-Walker Cemetery (Marshall County, Listings)
Ring Cemetery (Marshall County, photos & Listings)
Robertson Fork Cemetery (photos & 75+ Listings, White & Black sections)
                Sanders Cemetery (Listings and photos, Bert Watts Rd.)
                Sorrells (James E.) Cemetery (Listings and photos, Sorrells Rd.)
                Sorrells (William H.) Cemetery (Listings and photos, Sorrells Rd.)
                Talley Cemetery (Marshall County, 780 Listings w/photos on Section A)
Talley Cemetery of Lewisburg (Lewisburg, Marshall County, 60+ Listings w/photos)
Tindell-Fain Cemetery (Marshall County, 20+ Listings photos complete)
Vincent Cemetery near Mooresville (Marshall County, (15+ Listings & 30+ photos complete)
Whitesell Cemetery (Marshall County,  complete listing & great genealogy, 1 photo)
                Wilhoite (John) Cemetery (Marshall County,  complete listing & history, 10+ photos)
                Wilkes Cemetery (Marshall County,  complete listing, 50 photos)
                Wilson (New) Cemetery (Marshall County,  complete listing & history, 10+ photos)

                Barrett-Carlisle Cemetery
(Complete w/listings & photos)
                Boone Family Cemetery
(Complete w/listings by David Lacy)    
                Center Church Cemetery
(Complete w/210+ listings & 250+ Photos)  
                Coffey (Rice) Cemetery
(Complete w/15+ listings & 30+ Photos) 
                Cowan Cemetery
(Shelbyville, Complete w/many listings & Photos)
                Crane Cemetery
(1 listing & Photos)                
                Flat Creek (Old) Cemetery (Flat Creek, listings and photos, complete survey)
                Gill Family Cemetery (Complete w/listings & Photos)    
                Hastings Family Cemetery
(Complete w/listings & Photos)  
                Hix Family Cemetery (listings and photos)
                Mt. Hermon (New) Cemetery (listings and photos- 450+ graves)
                Mt. Hermon (Old) Cemetery (listings and photos)
                New Hermon Cemetery (265 listings and photos)
Old City Cemetery (Shelbyville, Complete 300+ listings and photo)
Old Salem Church Cemetery (Listing and some photos)
                Pleasant Gardens Cemetery (Goose Creek, 30+ listings and 75+ photos)
                Parker Grave (Mt Hermon Rd, 1 known grave)
                Reaves Cemetery (Listing & Photos, Goose Creek)                
                Richmond Cemetery
(Hannah Gap Rd, 300+ listings and many photos - photos incomplete)  
                Unknown Cemetery (Amos Gammill Rd, photos, no marked grave)
                Warner Cemetery (Listing only, Warner Bridge or Fishing Ford Road)                
                Wilhoite (Jacob II) aka Parker Cemetery (Bedford County, unmarked cemetery listing & photos)  
                Wilhoite-Whitesell Cemetery
(Bedford County, Complete
listing & photos)                
                Word Cemetery
(Amos Gammill Rd., 6 known graves photographed.)                

                Old Well Cemetery, Hickman County, (complete, photos & listings)

                Appleton Cemetery (50+listings-Appleton Family and African American, Civil War Soldiers.
                Black Cemetery
listings and some photos.
                Dobbins Cemetery (Appleton Community Photos and listing -complete) 
                Gibbons Cemetery (4 listings complete photos) 
                Hughes Cemetery
+ listings and 147 photos, old cemetery.)
                McLean Cemetery
26+ listings and 62 photos - very old cemetery.
                Mt. Ararat Cemetery
listings for white & african-american and 90+ photos.
                Owens Cemetery (Appleton, visit by Sue Davis
                Sexton Cemetery (Listings and photos, Box Rd.)
                Summertown Cemetery, Lawrence County. (A few photos and listings by Rick Gray)
                White Cemetery (Listing only, some photos) 
                Yarbrough Cemetery (Listing and photos Weakley Creek Road -complete.)

                Brown Cemetery, Lewis County ( 150+ Listings complete)
                McClain Cemetery, Lewis County (Complete Listing and photos)

                Lincoln County News-Business & Farm Magazine of 1904 (a family history source - complete.)
                Alexander Cemetery (Listing and photos -complete.)
                Allsup Cemetery (Listing and photos -complete.)
                Armstrong-Moore Cemetery (Hwy 231 (43) Listings & photos.)
                Armstrong-Sorrells Cemetery (Union Hollow Rd. (5) List & photos - complete.)
                Ashby Cemetery (Mimosa Rd. Listing and photos - complete.)
                Ashby-Turner-Curlee Cemetery (Listing and photos -complete.)
                Austin Family Cemetery (Ardmore, Hwy 110, photos - complete.)
                Baggerly Cemetery (Listing and photos, Taft Tn.)
                Barnes Cemetery (220+ Listings and mostly photographed)
                Bates Cemetery (1 Listing and photos, Kirkland Tn.)
                Bearden Cemetery (Listing and photos. 2 Soldiers - died in battle - buried here.)
                Bethel Cemetery (Listing and photos Gunter Hollow & Old Bethel Roads -complete.)
                Blair Cemetery (Listing and photos, Coldwater Li Co., -complete.)
                Blake Cemetery (30+ listings and photos-complete.)
                Boonshill Cemetery (337 Listings and 48 photos.)
                Booneville Cemetery (910+ Listings and 950+ photos - complete.)
                Bray Family Cemetery (4+ Listings and 9 photos - complete.)
                Bright-Hasten Cemetery (10+ Listings and photos - complete.)
                Bryan-Hovis Cemetery (70+ Listings and 100+ photos - complete.)
                Buchanan Cemetery Hwy 64 East (21 known & many unmarked graves - photographed.)
                Buchanan (David) Cemetery (8 Listings and photos.)
                Buchanan (Samuel) Cemetery (15 Listings and photos.)
                Buchanan-Pigg Cemetery (37 Listings and photos.)
                Buntley Cemeteries (Old & New) (20+ Listings and 25+ photos)
                Campbell Cemetery (Listing of a now destroyed cemetery.)
                Carpenter Cemetery (Listing & photos complete - about 10 burials.)
                Carter Hills Cemetery (Listing & photos complete - active cemetery.)
                Center Point Cemetery (25+ Listing & photos complete - active cemetery.)
                Chapman Cemetery
(s. fishing ford Rd. 20 memorials,  w/ photos)                
                Childress Cemetery (29 Listing & photos complete.)
                Childs Cemetery (12 Listing & photos complete.)
                Cole (James) Cemetery (1 Listing and photos, Kirkland)
                Commons (Joseph) Cemetery (1 listing and photos, unmarked cemetery.)
                Conger Cemetery (Listing and photos, Revolutionary War Soldier.)
                Corpier Cemetery (Listing and photos-small cemetery.)
                Crane Cemetery (Union Hollow, 14 Listing, and photos.)
                Crawford Cemetery (March Mill Rd - Listing and photos.)
                Crawford (John) Cemetery (Clayton Ln, - Listing and photos.)
                Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Listing and photos, Petersburg -complete.)
                Cunningham Cemetery #1 (Listing and photos, E of Fayetteville.)
                Cunningham Cemetery #2 (Listing and photos, NE of Fayetteville.)
                Daves Family Cemetery
(Hwy 231 photos and listing -complete) 
                Derrick Cemetery
(Brown-Teal Rd - complete) 
                East Cyruston Cemetery
(African American, old white graves may be there- photos/complete)
                Epps Family Graves
(4 Listings-no definitive cemetery found)
                Ewing Cemetery
(26 Listings w/photos complete)
                Fergason-Thornton Cemetery (9 Listings and 20+ photos - complete, w/mapping.)
                Fife-Givens Cemetery (6 Listings and 20+ photos - complete, w/mapping.)
                First Pres, Ch Cemetery - old Fayetteville Cem (250+ graves, College St Fayetteville Tn complete)
                Franklin Cemetery (50 Listings and 75+ photos)
                Freeman Cemetery (10 Listings and 18 photos - complete, w/mapping for lost Abner Freeman Cemetery)
                Gatlin Cemetery (Lincoln County, 8 listings complete photos)                
                George (FA) Cemetery
(Lincoln County, 9
listings, abt 50 graves, complete w/photos, Rev War Soldier
                George aka Amos Small Cemetery
listings, abt 70 graves, complete w/photos) 
                Gibson (John) Cemetery
(Lincoln County,
Soldier of the Revolution, 3 inscribed stones, abt 30 graves, complete w/photos)
                Gilbert Cemetery
(12 Listing & photos complete.) 
                Giles Family Cemetery (9 inscribed stones, 10 graves, complete w/photos) 
                Greer Cemetery
(Lincoln County,  (
Rev War Kings Mt. Messenger Joseph Greer, complete w/photos) 
                Halbert Cemetery (35 Listings and photos - complete, w/mapping)
                Hall Cemetery (Listings and photos - complete, cemetery missing stones.)
                Harris Cemetery (62 Listings and 90 photos - complete, w/mapping)
                Harkins Cemetery (65+ Listings and photos - complete, w/mapping)
                Henderson Cemetery (6 Listings and 9 photos - complete, w/mapping)
                Hereford Cemetery (95 Listings and 101 photos - complete, w/mapping)
                Hickory Hill Church Cemetery (130+ Listings and photos - complete, w/mapping)
                Higgins Cemetery (7 Listings and 12 photos - complete, w/mapping)
                Hopkins-Eastland Cemetery (20+ Listings and 25 photos w/mapping)
                Howard Cemetery (2 Listings and 8 photos - complete, w/mapping)
                Hulsey Cemetery (11 Listings/40+ unmarked graves - 50+ photos - completery)
                Isom (James) Cemetery ( Listings and photos - complete, w/mapping)
                Jared Cemetery (100 Listings and photos - many unmarked graves)
                Johnson Cemetery (2 Listings and photos, Bugtussle Rd)
                Kelso Cemetery (1,150+ Listings and some photos)
                Kennedy-Thomison-Warden Cemetery (75 Listings and photos, very old cemetery)
                Lay Cemetery ( Listings and photos - 8+ graves complete, w/mapping)
                Lovett Cemetery ( 17 Listings and photos - complete, w/mapping)
                Loyd Cemetery ( Listings and photos - complete, w/mapping)
                Macedonia Cemetery (450+ listings and 93 photos complete.)                
                Major Cemetery
21 listings and photos, 50+ Fieldstones.)                
                Malone Cemetery
473 listings and 584 photos complete.)                
                Marsh Cemetery
, several graves w/photos)                
                Martin-Chitwood Cemetery
(Bradford Rd
, 6+ known graves w/photos)                
                Marys Grove Cemetery
Hwy 110, 25+ graves w/photos
                McBurg Church Cemetery
(45+ graves
                McCollum-Buchanan-Martin Cemetery
(35+ graves
                McDaniel (Henry) Cemetery
(2 graves
                McDaniel (John) Cemetery
(11 known graves
                McDaniels Meeting House Cemetery
+ listings, spotting photos, lost graves)                
                McDaniel-Parks Cemetery
8 listings and photos.)                
                McFerrin Cemetery
(33 graves
                McGee Cemetery
15+ listings and photos, Fieldstones.)                
                McGee (John) Cemetery
+ listings, no photos, one marked gravestone, 5 Fieldstones.
                Memorial Garden St Mary's Epis. Church
listings & photos)                
                Merrell Cemetery
7 listings and photos, Fieldstones.)                
                Milam Cemetery
21 listings and 41 photos.)                
                Moore Cemetery
Lincoln Co., 4 listings and photos.)
                Morgan Cemetery
(Lost cem -
Rev War Soldier Capt. John Morgan)                
                Moyers Family Cemetery
Hwy 110, 5+ graves)                
                Mt. Moriah Cemetery (listings and photos)
                Neely Cemetery (30+ graves, listings and photos)
Old (John) Cemetery (Listings, photos)
Old Orchard Cemetery (Petersburg, 1,550+ Listings, some photos)
                Patterson Cemetery (Cheatham Rd, 25+ graves)
                Pamplin Cemetery (Hwy 50 & Providence Rd, 2 known graves)
                Phagan Cemetery (Molina Rd.)
                Phillips Cemetery (Hwy 231, 7+ known graves)
                Pigg Cemetery (Boonshill-Petersburg Rd., 75+ known graves)
                Pigg (Joel T.) Family Cemetery (Haysland Rd., 5 graves, photos)
                Pitts Cemetery (Blair Hollow Rd., 5 marked stones)
                Pitts Cemetery (Dale Mill Rd., 13 marked graves)
                Pitts Cemetery (Mimosa Rd., 2 marked stones)
                Pitts (RW) Cemetery (John Campbell Rd., 10 marked stones)
                Prosperity ARP Church Cemetery (Yukon 972 Listings and 50+ photos,
Rev War Soldier)
                Pylant Cemetery (Union Hollow Rd., 10 inscribed stones)
                Rambo Cemetery (2 stones, 5 listings, Old Hwy 64, McBurg)
                Rawls Cemetery
(14 listings, Molina & Red Hill Rd junction) 
                Rees Cemetery
(Pole Cat Hollow Rd up next to Moore County-complete)  
                Renegar Cemetery #1 & #2 (Park Rd./Renegar Cem #2, StephenCr.Rd.
Rev War Soldier)
                Renfrow Cemetery
(Belleville, 4 listings and photos.) 
                Rhea Family Cemetery
(east of Fayetteville 2 miles-complete) 
                Rogers Family Cemetery
(17 Listings & photos) 
                Roper-Primitive Bapt. Ch. Cemetery
(Hwy 110, 136 Listings & photos-complete)
                Routt-Wells Cemetery
(Hwy 231, Listings & photos,
2 Rev War Soldiers)
                Russell Cemetery
(near Bee Springs Listings & photos-complete)
                Salem (old) Church & Cemetery (2 known listings - church now extinct)
                Sandlin Cemetery (560+ listings, 550+ photo, Camargo)
                Sandlin-McDill Cemetery (2 listings, 6 photo - Yukon)
                Sharp Cemetery (7 listings, N. of Fayetteville along Hwy 231-complete.)
                Shiloh Cemetery (New Section) (497 Listings and 450 photos-complete.)
                Shiloh Cemetery (Old Section) (224 Listings and 250+ photos-complete.)
                Shull Cemetery (one stone - three listings, N. of Fayetteville along Hwy 231-complete.)
                Silvester Cemetery (4 listings, complete.)
                Smith (B.F.) Cemetery (16+ Graves & Photos)
                Smith (R.C) Cemetery (36 listings photographed, Cashpoint)
                Smith (W.R.) Family Cemetery (Two known graves, three listings)
                Smith (Wm) Cemetery (Three  monuments one standing Soldier of the Revolution)
                Smith (WmG) Cemetery (30 listings well photographed)
                Solomon Cemetery (Listing and photos, E. of Fayetteville 1 mile-complete.)
                Sorrells (Thomas) Cemetery (Listings and photos, Hannah Gap Rd.)
                Southworth Cemetery (Listings and photos, Walker Ford Rd Revolutionary War Soldier.)
                Stephens Cemetery (Cemetery largly destroyed one stone readable.)
                Stone Cemetery in  Union Hollow (23 Listing and photos-complete)
                Stone (L.L.) Cemetery (Listing and photos, N. of Fayetteville along Hwy 231-complete.)
                Stone (Thomas J.) Cemetery (37 Listings and photos, W. of Fayetteville along Hwy 273)
                Storey Cemetery (New cemetery-Few graves-Bee Spring Rd-complete.)
                Sugg Family Cemetery (35+ Listings and photos west of Fayetteville)
                Sulfur Springs Cemetery (275+ graves, Listings & mostly photographed.)
                Sullivan Cemetery (12 Listings and a few photos NE of Fayetteville)
                Sullivan-Nerren Cemetery (22 Listings and photos West of Fayetteville)
                Sulser Cemetery (16+ graves, Listings & photos - Taft Tn.)
                Swan Creek Church Cemetery (50+ Listings and photos south of Boonshill)
                Swinebroad Cemetery (4 Listings and photos west of Boonshill)
                Taylor-Gray Cemetery (2 known Listings and 100+ graves)
                Thorpe Cemetery (7 Listings and 21 photos)
                Tipps Family Cemetery (9 Listings and 12 photos)
                Unity Cemetery (603 Listings and 300+ photos)
                Wade-Clift-Moffett Cemetery (complete, 13 listings & photos)
                Waggoner Cemetery (complete, 12 listings 20+ photos)
Waid Cemetery (complete, 25 listings 31 photos)
Walker-Harden Cemetery (9 listings, photos)
                Walker (Stephen) Cemetery (complete, 6 listings 20 photos)
Warren Cemetery (complete, 4 listings 7 photos)
                Whitaker (John) Cemetery (8 listings, photos)                
                Whitaker-Higgins Cemetery
(restored old Cem, 20 listings, photos) 
                Whitaker-Moores Cemetery
(9+ listings, photos)
                White Cemetery
(Cash Point, NE of Ardmore Tn.) 
                White (William) Cemetery
(Stephens Creek Rd, near Mulberry Tn.)  
                Wiley-Cole Cemetery (complete 40+ listing & photos)
                Wilson Cemetery (complete listing 50+ photos)
Wilson (Boone) Cemetery (complete 40 listing & photos)
                Zimmerman Cemetery (Hwy 273, 6 listings, Cyruston Tn.) 

                Baxter Cemetery
(3 listings, photos etc) 
                Bobo Family Cemetery
(12 listings, photos)
                Charity Cemetery (160+ Listing and 250+ photos, complete.)
                Cox Family Cemetery (Listing and photos, Petersburg -complete.)
                Dance Cemetery, (gravestone photos & listings, grave of Rev War Soldier James Clack.)
                Eaton Cemetery (4 listings, photos etc) 
                Eden Cemetery
(10 listings, photos etc) 
                Pioneer Cemetery, (2 Rev War Soldiers, Photos dated Nov 29, 2002.)
                Prosser (James) Cemetery, (Tombstone location (shown on is Prosser Cem in Marshall Co.)
                Prosser Cemetery on the Chestnut Ridge, (Tombstone photos and listings.)
                Raby Cemetery ( 216 Listing and 250+ photos.)
                Smith (Hardy) Cemetery ( 2 Listing and 5 photos.)
                Waggoner-Buckeye/Friendship Cemetery (complete, 212 listings 180+ photos)
                Warren Cemetery (Listings & photos, Complete)

                Andrews Cemetery (Franklin, Williamson Co Soccer complex)
                Crockett (Andrew) Cemetery (Rev War Soldier Andrew Crockett, Franklin, Wilson Pike & Crockett Rd.)
                Owen Cemetery (Franklin, Wilson Pike & Crockett Rd.)
                Wade Cemetery, Williamson Co., (25+ memorials - photographed complete)

                Crockett (Samuel J) Family Cemetery #2, (complete, photos & 6 grave listings)
             Crockett (John & John S.) Family Cemetery #1, (complete, no visit, Census analysis)

                Braton-McKelvy Cemetery (Several Grave Listing and photos, Decherd Tn.)

                Clear Creek (Christian Church) Cemetery (Stantonville, McNairy County, 200+ complete & photos)

                Updated postings - Southern Mid Tenn Cemeteries -As compiled by Mary Bob McClain Richardson


Map of Maury County Cemeteries - 388 cemeteries per USGS 
Revolutionary War Soldiers buried in Maury County
Other Maury County Cemeteries listings by Rick Gray
Maury County - 1876 survey of property Business & Property owners

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