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Athendale School
Other photos made in Jan 2006.
Athendale, Tennessee is on Santa Fe Pike about five miles NNW of the public square in Columbia.
    I don't know much of the school's history. I submit what little I do know with hope that someone will read this and share more information.  
    The building pictured above is called Old Athendale School, which means there must have been a New Athendale School after this one. In early 1900 the school was a wooden structure, as evidenced by other photographs.
Gary Hood. (Photo courtesy of  Nancy Gray, photo date 2001)

he above Newsclipping is the property of Gary Hood a Maury County native and resident of southern Illinois and is presented here with his gracious permission. For other schools & Maury County Records Gary has presented on his site go to the following URL: You will also find a group photo for the 1906 & 1907 Athendale School on the above URL. Click on it and you will be taken to Gary's home page. From there click on School Pictures and select which year of Athendale School you wish to visit. If you enjoy old school history this is worth  the visit. After the visit to Gary's site if you wish to come back to this site just use your back button.

Same photo from an original with identifications that follow, some birth dates included by Gary Hood. 

Athendale School 1910

Names originally furnished by Mrs. Hurene Hendley Woody for the newspaper. 
Red Lucas, first person in row 3, became a major league baseball star. I added some birth dates.

Front Row: Howard Haywood, Ralph Sellers, Sidney Willis (1905), Charlie McMeen, Classie Petty, 
Unknown, Edward Meacham Harris, Norman Timmons, Lush McMeen, Raymond Fraser, Lloyd Fraser.
(11 people named, 12 present.)

Row 2: Blanche E Thomas, 1902 (Newton H Walker); Louise Dodson, abt. 1903 (Harry Shaw); 
Owen Timmons; Clara Notgrass (Curtis Jenkins); Beatrice Haywood (Hubert Ray); Hurene Hendley 
(Maury Woody); Frances Sellers (Ben Dillworth); Unknown Sullivan; Marion Harris (Baxter Knight); 
Isolene Harris (C E Harlan); Elise Fraser (George Walker); Bess Lucas (William B Smith); 
Hildred Willis, 1903 (Fred Hood); Stella Jackson (Frank Dortch). (14 named, 14 present.)
Row 3: Fred "Red" Lucas; Leslie Clyde Harris, 1903; Verna Mae Harris, 1901 (Perry Martin); 
Mossy Fraser (Ewell Sparkman); Knox Adams; Herbert Haywood; Gladys Murphey (Mathews); 
Louise Hood, 1901 (Walter Bryant "Buck" Jacobs); Knox Wynne Timmons; Mary McMeen 
(Ulna Murphy); Paul Sellers; Teacher, Mrs. Etta Timmons (Evans Timmons); Leslie Kemper Notgrass, 
1899 (Roberta Randolph); Howard Thomas; George Thomas, 1898.
Row 4: Rex Lucas; Audrey Notgrass, 1894 or 5 (Robert Andrew Witherspoon); Annie Lou Thomas, 1896 
(Hubert Fraser); Carrie Haywood (Percy Nellums); Bernice Dodson. abt. 1897 (Col?e Coggins); 
Clyde Sellers; Josephine Thomas, abt. 1895 (Lex V Short); Velma Dodson, 1897 (Fraser Hendley); 
Ellen McMeen (Jack Murphy); Ulna Fraser, 1897; Teacher, Zina Foster (Thomas Wisener); Smith Dodson; 
Johnny Hood, 1900 (I think not, unless he was standing on a nail keg.); Ray Lucas.

Original picture property of Emma Jean Hood Lanuis, inherited from Hildred Willis Hood. Submitted by Gary Hood