Stephens School - Mapping the location
Stephens School Girls 1st Grade   Stephens School Girls Basketball Team   Stephens School Boys 1st Grade 

The Stephens School was named for John P. Stephens, a banker in Hampshire Tn.

In 1928 the Isom School was consolidated with South Point School to form the new Stephens School. There were four teachers at Stephens School. (Hampshire Then and Now page 112). The first principal at Stephens was Larimore Austin who taught grades nine and ten. Robert Pogue taught grades seven and eight. Mary Lovell taught the fifth and sixth. Odessa Love was the third and fourth grade teacher. Mary Shannon taught the first and second grades. The school was built with two small rooms that were to be restrooms, but none were ever installed. These rooms served as coat closets. The school was heated with pot bellied stoves. A gasoline motor pumped water from the well to a silo-type tank. The children and teachers drank from a bucket with a dipper from the tank. The boys’ outhouse was on the right behind the school and the girls’ outhouse on the left, with stables between for the children who rode their horse to school. (page 114 “Hampshire Then and Now”)

Hampshire Then and Now was edited and compiled by Bettye Pogue and published by the Hampshire bicentennial committee. The information above comes from Cecil Whiteside published in "Hampshire Then and Now" Updated for the photos and information compiled and sent in by Steve Elder. Source of the photos is Lura Kennedy Elder 30 Mar 2011.

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