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 Wiley (William Young) Family Reunion of 1916 



WILLIAM YOUNG WILEY FAMILY REUNION (OCCURRED IN 1916) Took place probably near Southport Maury County TN where the WY Wiley's lived. 

William Young WILEY, b. 12/03/1843, d. 5/18/1923
Callie Donie CHAFFIN, b. 7/22/1845, d. 9/18/1917
William Young WILEY & Callie Donie CHAFFIN, married 7/25/1866
Interred: Glenwood Cemetery, Maury Co., Southport, Maury County Tennessee

All known relationships expressed from William Young WILEY except
the ones mentioning Ruby Lee BARLAR AUSTIN. Most names are informal.

1. Ruby Lee BARLAR AUSTIN, b. 1912, (Great Grand Daughter, dau of Thomas J. & Lela (Coffee) Barlar)
2. Ethel WILEY
3. Leslie WILEY
4. Fred WILEY
5. Clayton REA (son of Susie & Garfield REA)
6. Doannie Spain (Dau of Lucius & Floria WILEY SPAIN)
7. Brownie (Dau of Lucius & Floria WILEY SPAIN,Twins)
8. Flossie (Dau of Lucius & Floria WILEY SPAIN, " )
9. Gladys "Happy" WILEY (Dau of Sam WILEY)
ROW TWO (SITTING): (Count 15)
1. Lennie WILEY COPELAND (Dau) & 2. Charlene (baby grand-dau.)
3. Susie WILEY REA (Dau), (Wife of Garfield REA)
4. Luther WILEY (son, & Hus of Mattie)
5. Bob WILEY (son)
6. William Young WILEY  
7. Callie Donie CHAFFIN WILEY (great grandparents of Ruby Lee BARLAR AUSTIN)
8. Hilery WILEY (son)
9. William L. WILEY (son),
10.Samuel WILEY (son) Holding Floyd Murray Wiley.
11. Floyd Murray WILEY, (son of Sam & Mamie Lovell Wiley)
12.Mamie WILEY WETHERFORD (dau) holding Alice WETHERFORD,
14.Floria WILEY SPAIN (dau) holding Sherrel SPAIN
15. Sherrel SPAIN
ROW THREE:  (Count 15)
1. Dr. COPELAND (son-in-law)
2. Garfield REA (son-in-law), (Hus of Susan WILEY REA)
3. Matt (Mattie) WILEY, (Wife of Luther WILEY)
4. Jennie WILEY
5. Angie WILEY OVERSTREET, (Daughter of Jennie & Bob Wiley)
6. Grace WILEY WOODARD, (Daughter of Jennie & Bob Wiley)
7. Kate WILEY DUGGAR, married Toll Dugger (Toll Dugger Road named after him)
8. Rennie WILEY (dau of Luther & Mattie (?) WILEY
9. Annie Pearl SPAIN (dau of Lucius & Floria)
10.Ruby WILEY
11.Bessie Lee (not sure if Lee is a surname)
12.Susan E. (GIBSON) WILEY, (Wife of Will L. WILEY)
13.Mamie Lovell WILEY, (Wife of Sam Wiley)
14.Nana WILEY DUGGAR, (Dau of Will L. & Susan E. GIBSON WILEY)
15.Lucius SPAIN (son-in-law)
ROW FOUR: (Count 11)
1. Mack CHAFFIN (is also related to Callie Donie CHAFFIN, but shown here only as a
2. Nellie Ethel COFFEE CHAFFIN BARLAR (grandau) holding her son 3. Wilson CHAFFIN
4. Marvin Y COFFEE (son of William Finis COFFEE & Samantha V. WILEY COFFEE)
5. Joe WILEY
6. William Finis COFFEE (husband of deceased Samantha Virginia WILEY (dau)
& Ruby Lee BARLAR AUSTIN'S grandfather
7. Thomas Jefferson BARLAR (Ruby Lee BARLAR AUSTIN'S father)
8. Claxton (Buddy) BARLAR (held by 9. Lela May COFFEE BARLAR
(mother of Ruby Lee BARLAR AUSTIN))
10.Emma LOVELL, & 11. Ike LOVELL
Not shown is Samantha Virginia WILEY COFFEE (dau) due to her death in
1903, Samantha V WILEY COFFEE'S dau. Minnie F. COFFEE (deceased 1902).
Fred Wiley (Son) died in hunting accident during 1895.