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Giles County Tennessee, 1878 DG Beers, Mapping of Property Owners

Mini Map showing the county district layout

District mapping
District 01
    District 02    District 03
District 04   District 05    District 06
District 07
    District 08   
District 09
District 10    District 11     District 12
District 13
    District 14    District 15
District 16    District 17    District 18
District 19    District 20

Detailed Maps of Villages
Aspen Hill
Bethel, 1878
Campbellsville, 1878
Elkton, 1878
Lynnville, 1878

Old Lynnville, 1878


County Statistics, 1878

Giles County Farm & Business Directory

In this Map Pulaski the county seat is in District 7. District 15 contains Lynnville & Old Lynnville. District 5 finds Bodenham & Centerville. Minor Hill is in District 4, Bethel & Minnowford are in District 3, Anthony Hill & Good Springs are in District 6, Campbellsville is in the north edge of District 19 but parts of it are in District 14. Bufords Station is in District 13. Odd Fellows Hall is in District 16. Brick Church is in District 17. Bradshaw is on the line between District 10 & 20. Bunker Hill is in District 20. Aspen Hill, Prospect Station & Lesters are in District 2, Elkmont Springs is in District 1. Elkton & Bethany are in District 9. One finds Chambersville in District 18. Pleasant Valley is found in District 8. Reynolds Station & Petersbourg (not to be confused with the Petersburg in Marshall/Lincoln County is found in District 12. District 11 seems to be all rural and hilly.

These 1878 Maps are found hanging in the Pulaski Tennessee Library Genealogy room and also on the third floor of the Giles County Tennessee Court House Historical Records archive. This work was developed from the two antique maps using digital camera photos of the originals.  
This is a valuable county genealogical resource of the late 1800s because it places the location of our ancestral homes, farms and businesses. They must have been fortunate enough to be property owners for us to find them. 
This mapping took place about 1878. Several people rode around on bicycles and gathered up the data for this nationwide D.G. Beers Mapping.
Some of these images are blurred. To offset that I have offered more than one image in some cases. The images shown are very large so that we are able to read the peoples names. Be prepared for slow loading and also to scroll around to view all the owner listings.

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