YORK CEMETERY, (Minor Hill Hwy to York Hollow Road) - GILES COUNTY TENNESSEE

Mapping the Location

Area Photos: 0981/0983/a map:0978

YORK, John S. (Solomon)
, 10 Feb 1861 - 30 May 1925. 0979/0980
YORK, Rhoda T. Tomerlin, wife of John S. York, 16 Feb 1851 - only date listed**.  Married Aug. 1, 1880 to John S. York. Parents: John Tomerlin and Elizabeth Jane Winsett. 0979/0980

**Two possibilities are likely for this. (1) The husband died first and the stone was set with her information except for the death date, as she was still living and she chose to be buried elsewhere. (2) Since she died after him the usual conditions are the children were not as vigorous in getting the details inscribed on the stone as the wife was for the husband, so no one inscribed the death date.


Visited & photographed 24 Oct 2013 by C. Wayne Austin. Added to this site 26 Dec 2013 by C. Wayne Austin. Also published in the book Giles County Cemeteries, Page 513 by the Historical Society about 1985.

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