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David Abernathy, an American Revolutionary Soldier, 1759 - 1838. A tree is growing up in the middle of his grave. The headstone is broken off and leaning against the tree and the original footstone and new military marker is at the foot of the grave. So restorers cut the tree down, and after making sure the headstone is level enough to stand epoxy glue the top of the headstone back onto its bottom part. Finally reset the military marker footstone higher above the ground so it does not sink under the top soil and we are hopefully good for another 100 years.

David Abernathy memorial. On a real rough surface stone the chalk to bring out the inscription makes it worse. Compare Trina's photo to mine next below. Photo by Trina Boyd 10 Oct 2009.

"SACRED to the memory of David Abernathy was born the 22nd day of July 1759 And died the 23 day of August 1838 aged 79 years and 1 Month." The birth day is different from below 22 here and 29 on the military marker. The death month is inscribed as April on the Military Marker. Since the age calculation on this stone figures to August that is what I am using.

Military Marker for David Abernathy inscribed as: "DAVID ABERNATHY, NC TROOPS, REVOLUTIONARY WAR, JUL 29 1759 - APR 14 1838." The day and month of death is inscribed as 14 April on the Military Marker and 23 August on the headstone. Since the age calculation on the headstone figures to August that is what we will use. This military marker also has 29 Jul as the birth month and day and we will present the original stone dating entirely.

ABERNATHY, David, 22 Jul 1759 - 23 Aug 1838, North Carolina Troops, Revolutionary War (Soldier).
Photos & inscription translated by Wayne Austin 21 Dec 2009.