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Unknown fallen and mostly buried headstone in the Milton Alexander lots. Red arrow points it out. 
Look at what a mess these stones are in across this photo. They are falling in every which direction. Folks this is a typical abandoned graveyard and these cemeteries desperately need the public interest including laws that give the public better access to clean this up. As of now you go here and if the land owner has a mind to do so you could be thrown in jail for trespassing for just being a loving descendent. This mess could be fixed and have these stones standing beautifully again, if we would just make the effort. I think the crises is not in this graveyard but in the American Spirit or lack of thereof. This is a very large cemetery of more than 150 graves and this cemetery probably has descendents spread across this land maybe as many as half a million strong who have the blood of these progenitors coursing their veins.

Photo by Wayne Austin 21 Dec 2009.

ALEXANDER, Unknown. This stone is actually the side of a base with the headstone with the inscription protruding underground toward the bottom left corner of the photo.
Photo by Wayne Austin 21 Dec 2009.
ALEXANDER, Unknown. (Memorial Stone lying on its side protruding underground with buried inscription.). Now I don't recall my reasons for not uncovering it, but was probably related to how many pounds of stone I could dig up and pick up in a given day and still retain energy to complete the day.
Transcription by Wayne Austin, 12 Jan 2010.