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Not the prettiest thing to look at. Please shield your children from this awful photo of the carcass of a cow in this cemetery. The photo was made 10 Oct 2009 when the carcass was much fresher. The white splotches are vulture droppings. I was told by a reliable source a (messed up) deer hunter killed this cow. Well he bears the first responsibility for this, but the owner also should have buried it or burned it.

Q. X. Lane memorial.
This photo looking across the Lane grave lots also as you see finds the carcass of a cow in your view. The deceased cow has been here for a long time and nature has ravaged the remains. If this were fresh an individual could not get within 500 yards without gagging. I don't understand anyone tolerating this on their farm. Farmers should not be disposing of cattle remains in graveyards, not according to health standards nor especially improperly such as this.
There was also evidence that cattle remains had been burned in this graveyard in the past such as spent fires and scattered cattle bones. Lawmakers now you see why we genealogist clamor loudly for more control over our ancestral cemeteries in the Tennessee Laws.

Q. X. Lane Photo by Terina Boyd 10 Oct 2009. 

Q. X. Lane. Photo by Wayne Austin 21 Dec 2009.
LANE, Q. X., 7 Feb 1915 - 20 Feb 1915.  "Gone to Soon"
Transcription by Wayne Austin, 11 Jan 2010.