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•Name: Gabriel WORLEY
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•Note: Gabriel WORLEY was born 1786 in North Carolina, He died before 1861. Gabriel married Sarah.

Gabriel Worley was born in North Carolina in 1786 and died in Giles County in 1860. He became a wealthy farmer, leaving an estate worth $67,064.67. (comparable to about 7 Million today 2013) His will lists 13 children, as well as other heirs. This will, which he wrote in 1855, is on file at the Giles County Old Records Department, on the third floor of the Giles County Courthouse in Pulaski. A second copy, which contains a line missing from the will book copy, is in File Box W-15, Case 3190: Willis Worley, Executor, vs. Thomas P. Worley. I have been told by descendents there was about 2,400 acres of land in the Worley estate at one time.

The will of Gabriel Worley:

"In the name of God Amen. I, Gabriel Worley of the County of Giles and State of Tennessee, being sound in mind and memory, do make and publish this my last will and testament hereby revoking and making void all other Wills by me at any time made.

"First I direct that my funeral expenses and all my debts be paid as soon after my death as possible, out of any moneys that I may die possessed of or may first come into the hands of my Executor.

"Secondly, I give and bequeath to my Wife Sarah my Negro Woman Betty and my Negro Man Harvey, one good Bedstead and Bed-clothing and one good Bed and one good Cow and Calf and provisions sufficient of every kind to last her and the two slaves I bequeathed her for one year.

"Thirdly, I give and bequeath to the heirs of my Daughter Nancy’s body one child’s share of all my property excepting such part as I hereinafter dispose of, to be generally divided among them as they arrive at twenty-one years of age. The bequest I make to the heirs of my Daughter Nancy is all that I intend for her and them to have in any manner whatever.

"Fourthly, I give and bequeath to the heirs of my Daughter Polly one child’s share of all my property excepting such part as I otherwise dispose of, to be divided generally among them, as they arrive at the age of twenty-one.

"Fifthly, I give and bequeath to my granddaughter Nancy Wood, the only living child of my Daughter Martha, five hundred dollars; this bequest is all that my grand Daughter Nancy Wood, or any other person, is to ever receive of my property, through the Heirship of my Daughter Martha.

"Sixthly, I give and bequeath to my Daughter Zipporah Few and her heirs forever one child’s share of all my property excepting such parts as I have otherwise disposed of the title to be vested and forever remain in her and her Heirs.

"Seventhly, I give and bequeath to each of my Heirs, William Worley, Elizabeth Bonds, Mary Finley, Willis Worley, Dorcas Holley, Riley Worley, Pinkney Worley, Tabitha McCoy and Kerrena Wood, I give and bequeath one child’s share each.

"Eighthly, I order that at my death, that my son Willis Worley is to take my wife Sarah to live with him; he is to take good care of her until her death. I further order that for his trouble and expense he is to take into his possession the two slaves mentioned in my bequest to my wife and have the full benefit of all their labor until my wife’s death.

"Ninthly, I order that at the death of my wife all the property I have left her be sold on a twelve-months credit, and the proceeds thereof be equally divided among my Heirs, excepting Nancy Wood, the five hundred dollars I have bequeathed to her being all I intend her to ever have of my property in any manner, or any other person lawfully claiming through the Heirship of my Daughter Martha.

"Tenthly, I order that at my death, my land or Estate be sold on one and two years credit and the proceeds be divided equally among my Heirs (viz. – the Heirs of Nancy Reed, the Heirs of Polly Kennedy, William Worley, Elizabeth Bonds, Mary Finley, Willis Worley, Dorcas Holley, Riley Worley, Pinkney Worley, Tabitha McCoy, Kerrena Wood, and Zipporah Few to her and her Heirs forever.

"Eleventhly, I order that at my death all my other property, namely my Negroes and Stock of all kinds and all of my other property be sold on twelve months credit, and the proceeds thereof divided, as my land proceeds, excepting my Negro man Andrew; him I order to be took to Mississippi or some other place of considerable distance and sold, and the proceeds of him divided as my other property.

"Twelfthly, I order that compound Interest be computed on a note that I hold on my son Pinkney Worley, given for three hundred and fifteen dollars, and the principal and compound interest taken out of his part of my estate.

"Thirteenth, I order that a lien be retained on my land worth the purchase, money is all paid.

"Lastly, I do hereby appoint my Son Willis Worley my executor. In witness whereof I do, to this my will set my hand and seal. This April the 15th 1855."

Gabriel Worley (seal)

Signed, sealed and published in our presence and we have subscribed our names hereto in the presence of the testator. This the 15th day of April 1855

William Huff

G.W. Summers

Giles Co TN Chancery Court, Woodruff File, T-Z, 1830-1900 by Old Records Dept of Giles County Court House in Pulaski, TN; E Mail gcarchives@bellsouth.net. [You can order copy very reasonable from Elizabeth White and Sarah Parker who manage those old records in Giles Co TN].
Page 143
File Box W-15 Case 3190, Will of Gabriel Worley 1873
Willis Worley, Executor vs Thomas P. Worley
Complainant Willis Worley represented that Gabriel Worley died at his residence in Giles Co TN in the year 1860. He left surviving his widow Sarah and his children;
Nancy wife of ____Lilly- formerly Reed, Polly Kennedy, Zipporah Fue, Elizabeth wife of A.G. Bond, Dorcas Pinkney Worley, Riley Worley died leaving his children; Willis L., Neil S., Shields T., Henry C., John H., & Otho Worley of the State of Arkansas. Dorcas Holly died leaving her children; John P., William G., Louisa wife of William H. Hall, Mary T. wife of D.T. Hubbard, ____ ____ wife of John H. Crenshaw. Polly Kennedy died leaving her children; Sarah wife of John G. Gibson, Robert P., Simpson A. Kennedy, Louisa who married ____ Perdue, Mary Finley died leaving children; Jane wife of Thomas Lemons, Louisa wife of M.M. Tuley & Gideon C. Finley. Tabitha McCoy died leaving her children: Laura A. Partin, Zipporah & Willis McCoy. Kerrena Wood died leaving her husband and children of Obion Co TN. Zipporah Fue died leaving her husband John and her children; Sarah, William, Martha & Georgeanna Fue.

Defendants in this case are as follows: Thomas P. Worley of Oregon, Nancy Lilly, John S. Kelly and wife Sarah, Jasper W. Damron and wife Nancy J., William R. Reed, Zipporah Reed, G.W. Hopkins and wife Telitha, Bostain Lilly, all of the State of Illinois. John G. Gibson and wife Sarah of Alabama, John E. Boynton and wife Evalina of TX, William G. Holly, D.T. Hubbard and wife Mary T., of Mississippi, Neil S. , Shields T., Henry C., John & Otho Worley of Arkansas. William Worley, Robert Kennedy, Simpson A. Kennedy, Z. T. Wood and wife Louisa, Louisa Pardue, James E. Hughes and wife Nancy, P.M. Wood & children of Obion Co TN. Thomas Lemons and wife Jane, M.M. Tuley and wife Louisa, Harvey H. McCoy, Zipporah Fue of Lincoln Co TN, John Fue and Gideon C. Finley of Marshall Co TN.,A.G. Bancks and wife Elizabeth, John H. Crenshaw, Pohn P. Holly, William H. Hall and wife Louisa, E.W. Holly Jr., Willis L. Worley, Charles Partin & wife Laura A. and Sarah Fue, all of Giles Co TN.

Willis Worley died before he settled the estate of his father Gabriel Worley and his son R.W. Worley qualified as Executor to finish the settlement of the estate of Gabriel Worley. The children of Kerrena Wood were William R., Willis J., Francis M. Cornelia A.B., Martha, Cora J. Wood.

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I add this infor as explaination for the rock walls with no marker in place in that possibly Gabriel or Willis W. Worley and family are buried there. It is my opinion that Wm W. Worley's (b. 1857) father was Willis W. Worley. Based on discussion with John Worley a living descendent. 31 Oct 2013. C. W. Austin

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