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The yellow arrow (above photo) points out a very old gothic style monument that I inadvertently walked by and missed the chance to photograph it. I do not have a photo that tells me the inscription on this stone, so I leave this issue for a future visit by others. However, I am fairly confident this stone inscription says based on cropping, exploding & analyzing this photos:
SACRED To the memory of BETHSHERY, wife of Mathew Wilson, Born March 30, 1796 Died June 6, 1841. Wonder where Mathew Wilson is buried. The other Mathew Wilson in this listing was too young, perhaps a son (b. 1826) to be Bethshery's (b. 1796's) husband.
I should tell you what I can clearly see: 1796, 1841, WILSON, wife of, SACRED To the memory of, ETHSH.