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The center of the map with the yellow borders and check check marks the location of the Wilkinson Cemetery. This cemetery is detailed on the USGS, but I improved the GPS calculation shown as: N 35.21586 X W 87.02989.

Location: Go out Hwy 31 north of Pulaski and as you go out of the city and start to climb up the hill you can park there at the house that sits on the left. but be polite and do not block the driveway. The driveway is large because part of the old road bed still exist. Walk northwest (to your right) up the slope 75 yards into the tree line and you will find the cemetery.

This Aerial view shows the cemetery location marked with a red check. As you can see it is right beside Hwy 31 on the left.In the summer the cemetery cannot be seen because of the tree vegetation.
Maps from TACME Mapper 2.0, MS Streets & Trips 2004 & Google modified for this site by Wayne Austin, 12 Mar 2013.