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Mapping the Location

Area views of the Cemetery:7749/7750/7761/7791/7815/7816/7817/7818/the fallen Bodark tree: 7832/7833/7834/7835/7836/7837/7838/7839/7853

ARROWSMITH, Nancy B., dau of William & Sarah E. Arrowsmith, 11 Jul 1841 - 24 Jan 1842. (Do not confuse the b. year 1841 for 1844) 7766C/7766/footstone N.B.A.:7767
ARROWSMITH, William, 1 Oct 1804 - 19 Sep 1873.[same as DAR transcript] 7807/7778/7808
ARROWSMITH, Eliza [Sarah Elizabeth], 18 Oct 1818 - 26 sep 1857. [same as DAR transcript] d/o Thomas Wilkinson and Mary (Robertson). After Eliza (Sarah Elizabeth) died, William married (2ndly)her niece Mary E. Wilkinson, dau. of Richard John and Mary (Dever) on 31 Jan 1858. 7805C/7805/7777/7806
BIRD, Josephene, adopted Child of L. & H. Bird, 13 Nov 1853, Age 4 years. Jesus said suffer little children come unto me, for of such is the Kingdom of God. 7871C/7871/7872
BRADLEY, I. M., 24 Jan 1850 - 23 Dec 1879.7874/7875/7876/footstone I.M.B.:7882/Bradley footstone:7881/7883
BRADLEY, Mary Ann, 15 Mar 1845 - 29 Nov 1881. Was a member of the ME Church and died with a Christion's hope. 7873/footstone M.
A.B.:7880/Bradley footstone:7881/Grave Cradle:7883
BURCH, E.J., consort of D.W. Burch, 25 Oct 1841 - 16 Jan 1856. 7747C/7747/7748
BURTON, Nancy Y., wife of B.F. Burton, dau of John & M.A. (Martha Ann) Amis, Died 22 May 1841.aged...7 days 7753C/7753/7754/7755/7794
CARRALL, Ada, 7 May 1867 -  1 Aug 1867. (twin)dau of L.R. & B.E. Carrall. 7909C/7909/7910/7908/7911/7912/7913/footstone AD. & ID.:7907
CARRALL, Ida, 7 May 1867 - 26 Jul 1867. (twin)dau of L.R. & B.E. Carrall. 7909/7910/7908/7911/7912/7913/footstone AD. & ID.:7907      
CHOATE, Hugh D. Choate, son of R. & Martha Choate, 5 Feb 1846 - 28 Jun 1852. 7930/7927/Two Choate Memorials:7931
CHOATE, Mary Ellen, dau of T. J. & E.J. Choate, 26 Jan 1857 - 14 Jun 1858. 7928C//7929/7928/Two Choate Memorials:7931
COCKERAL, William, who departed his life Dec 15, 1854, Aged _ Days?...5?: 7966C/7965/7966/7967
DENNIS, Briant, (12 Oct 1799 - 13 Jul 1872). only footstone with name remains Briant Dennis:7917/headstone beside Nancy missing:7922
DENNIS, Nancy, consort of Briant Dennis, 20 Jan 1809 - 11 Feb 1851. 7919C/7919/7920/footstone N.D.:7921/7922
FLIPPEN, William, 14 Mar 1781 - 21 Jan 1855. 7980C/7980/7981
FLIPPEN, Tabitha, 6 Nov 1786 - 21 Nov 1865. 7982/7983
FLIPPIN, Joseph, 18 Aug 1806 - 24 Aug 1859. 7975C/7975/7976
FLIPPEN, Eliza Cushman, wife of Joseph Flippen, No Date Listed (no stone found 12 Mar 2013) More on Eliza Flippen
FLIPPIN, Joseph Petronella, dau of Joseph & Olive Flippen, 9 Jul 1859 - 5 Feb 1862. And when a dying infant lies upon its Mothers breast Angels watch it while it dies and take its soul to rest. 7978C/7978/7977/grave cradle:7979
JOHNSON, John O., (b ca 1811) - 5 Jun 1871, Aged 60 years. 7933/7934/grave cradle-crumbled foostone:7935
McGREW, Charles F., 15 Jun 1857 - 15 Jul 1866 son of W.T. Letty McGrew.7798C/7798/broken footstone Charles McGrew:7799/grave cradle:7800
McGREW, Cornelia E., dau of W. T. & Letty McGrew, 28 Jul 1852 - 8 Sep 1854. 7828/7829/7830/7831
McGREW, Eliza Jane, dau of G. W. & Nancy McGrew, 27 Sep 1845 - 4 Jan 1846. 7851/7850/footstone E.J.Mc.7852
McGREW, Elizabeth, consort of G. W. McGrew, 30 Aug 1824 - 14 Mar 1863. There is a Holy City a Happy wold above, Beyond the Strrecion(Surrection) built by the God of Joy. 7864/7859/7860/7861/7862/7863/7864/7869
McGREW, George Thomas, 22 Oct 1850 - 7 Oct 1852. son of G.W. & E.A. McGrew. stone inscriber: C. Baucom. 7845/two more parts of the McGrew Children's momument:7846
McGREW, (given name shaled off), 27 Jan 1849 - 10 Oct 1852. son of G.W.& E.A. McGrew. stone inscriber C. Baucom 7845/two more parts of the McGrew Children's momument:7846
McGREW, Infant dau of G.W. & E.A. McGrew, date concreted in by repairman. Inside the fence with Nancy McGrew b. 1822. 7868/7869
McGREW, James E. P., 1 Jan 1833 - 21 Nov 1863. Assassinated (during Civil War). He was a member of the Pulaski Lodge No. 12 of the I.O.O.F. True on earth true in Friendship Truth & Love; then rest in hope tell we renew our plighted faith in the Lodge above.  7878/7877/7879
McGREW, Mary Jane, dau of W.T. & Letty McGrew, 28 Aug 1846 - 1 Mar 1855. 7801C/7801/7802
McGREW, Nancy, dau of James & Judith Southall, wife of G.W. McGrew, 16 Mar 1822 - 4 Feb 1847. She was a member of the M.E.Church.7847C/7847/7848/7849
NORMAN, Lee Ander C., 19 Mar 1843 - 27 Oct 1866. 7937C/7937/footstone not initialed:7938/Grave Cradle:7939
NORMAN, Mariah H., (b. ca 1818) - 20 Dec 1863, Age 45 years. 7946/grave cradle:7947
NORMAN, Nancy A., 18 Jul 1842 - 29 Jan 1870. Weep not she is not dead but sleepeth 7932/7934/footstone N.A.N.:7936
RIDDLE, John M., son of M. & M.A. 9 Aug 1836 - 4 Oct 1838. [same as DAR transcript] 7792/footstone J.M.R.:
RIDDLE, Mary A., consort of Madison Riddle, 16 Nov 1812 - 17 Apr 1839. [Nee Wilkinson, dau of Thomas Wilkinson and Mary (Robertson] 7796/7797/footstone M.A.R.:7803/7804
ROSENGRANT, Charles, Born 1797 - 30 Mar 1860. Was a member of the Methodist Church. 7948/grave cradle:7949
SHANNON, Alexander G., (ca 11 Mar 1825) - 16 Mar 1851 - Age 26 yrs, 5 days. (Age may be 20 years) 7923/7924/7925/7926
STRONG, Infant son of E.H.& Emaline Strong, Died 8 May 1861. 7940/grave cradle:7941
STRONG, Sarah Jane, dau of Edward & Emaline Strong, 30 Dec 1859 - 22 Jun 1860. 7942C/7942/grave cradle:7943
STRONG, Miriah, dau of J. P. & Martha Strong, 27 Nov 1860 - 3 Dec 1860. 7944C/7944/grave cradle:7945
THOMPSON, Elizabeth J., 17 Jul 1868 - 8 Aug 1868.Sleep on sweet babe take thy rest. God called thee home. He thought it best. 7886C/7886/footstone E.J.T.:7887/The grave cradle:7888/7889/7890
WALKER, Robert H., 22 Aug 1854 - 23 Dec 1855. 7951
WALKER, William A., 17 Jan 1853 - 6 Sep 1854. 7950
WILKERSON, B. J., 15 Mar 1816 - 12 Feb 1855. 7900/7899/footstone:7901/beside B.J. Wilkerson - M.W.:7905
WILKERSON, M., only footstone remains, headstone broke off and missing: 7904/grave cradle:7902/7903/beside B.J. Wilkerson:7905 Could be the following historical listing:
WILKINSON, Mary, consort of ___ Wilkinson 11 June 1781 15 Nov 1854. See previous unknown footstone and broken headstone.
WILKINSON, Thomas, 31 Aug 1781 - 8 Jul 1833.(Gunsmith; Veteran of War of 1812; h/o Mary Wilkinson) 7759C/7759/7757/7758/7760/footstone T.W.:7765
WILKINSON, Mary (ca 16 Oct 1785) - 13 Nov 1847, Age 62 years & 28 days. 7756C/7756/7758/footstone M.W.:7768
WILKINSON, Judith, 24 Jan 1809 - 3 Feb 1858. 7751C/7751/7752
, son of F. H. & Angeline Wilkinson, 27 Jul 1836 - 13 Apr 1845. 7820C/7820/7819/before clearing and uncovering the stone:7781/before turning the stone around:7813/stone in bottom of view: 7814/7821/putting the parts back together:7822
WILKINSON, Son of F.H. & Angeline Wilkinson, No Dates Listed. 7809/7810/7815
WILKINSON, Dau. of F.H. & Angeline Wilkinson, No Dates Listed. (might be the same as this listing from an old D.A.R. Transcrpt: Martha Amis, 30 Nov 1827 Oct 1828, child of F H and Angeline (Angus) Wilkinson 7811/7814
WILKINSON, Son of F.H. & Angeline Wilkinson, No Dates Listed. 7779/7812/7814
WILKINSON, Nancy, (b. ca 24 May 1825) - d. 16 Oct 1825 Age 4 Months & 22 Days. 7782/footstone N.W.:7784
WILKINSON, Joseph F., 3 Feb 1827 - 6 Jul 1833.7771/footstone J.F.W.:7770
WILKINSON, Joseph, 20 Apr 1822 - 9 Sep 1826. 7787/7786/7788/7789/7790/footstone J.W.:7785
WILKINSON, Thomas B., son of Thomas J. & Ann B. Wilkinson, 28 Aug 1841 - 24 Aug 1850.Sweet innocts' adieu, when souls to their bodies join, thousands on earth shall wish their race had been as short as thine. boxtomb.7823C/7823/7824/7825/7826/7827/after I slid the lid back on:7840/7841
WILKINSON, Neda Anna, 4 July 1850 30 Dec 1850, d/o Thomas & Ann P Wilkinson (no stone found 2013, listing came from DAR research.)
, 19 Dec 1863 - 6 Sep 1881 "Died full of faith" (Tombstone broken and out of place) 7763C/7763
25 April 1853 - 24 April 1860, s/o Thomas & Ann P Wilkinson  (no stone found 2013, listing came from DAR research.
WILLIAMS, Harris, 23 Mar 1867 - 4 May 1868. 7895C/7895/7896/the grave cradle:7897/7898

Unknown half of a box tomb top.
I debated whether to expend the energy to overturn it, but decided for health reasons not to, but it is possible this belongs to the Amis family and may or may not have inscription. It may also belong as a part of the box tomb top for their daughter Nancy. 7752L
Unknown base & possible top
of stone, no inscription found, beside or north of E.J. Burch:7772/7773/7774/Another big moss covered monument - may all be parts of one memorial and may be the lost memorial's for John & Martha Ann Amis, since their daughter Nancy is nearby in the same grave row: 7775/7776

Unknown gravestone, top broken out and missing. footstone in place, no inscription:7842/7843
Unknown gravestone, top broken out and missing. footstone in place with initials W.W.W.:7865/7866/appears to be a child's grave:7867/7870
Unknown grave -
stone crushed by time & tree growing on top of it:7844
Unknown broken headstone
with top missing I can see AP... of APR?. Top part may be in the rootball of that fallen Bodark tree:7964/7967
Footstone no headstone
found M.J.A.:7762
Footstone no headstone found M.A.A. Perhaps Martha Ann Amis:7764

Footstone no headstone found J.W.:7769
Sliver of a Box tomb, may belong to broken tomb of Nancy Burton:7793
Footstone no headstone
found J. M. 7891/remains of headstone; only inscription company remains :Morrison Bros?, Pulaski Tenn.7892/7893/grave cradle - broken & missing headston:7894
Unknown monument parts
scattered (slid)down the hill, inscription shaled away: 7914/7916/top spire:7915

This cemetery has several Bodark trees aka Osage Orange. The yellow very hard wood will pulverize a chain saw if one attempts to cut into the wood. a crew of Inmates came to this cemetery to clear it and used string trimmers and other things, but failed to clean up the fallen Bodark tree. When this tree fell it probably took some monuments into the root ball. When over time the dirt clears from the roots this process tends to bury the monument. Some of the missing stones above may be found by probing around in the area of that root ball. From the work of the Inmates several stones were uncovered that had previously not been reported. I uncovered a couple myself by finding footstone without headstones and broken headstone protruding from the ground. These stones were not reported in the Giles County Cemetery book were shown here in Red text above instead of the usual Black text color.

There may be those that deem the above numerous photos of areas as overdone. However, if one has ancestors here and their graves are lost this approach offers a great possibility of identifying a lost grave. Use the photos by proximity number to place family members in their various places in the rows of graves and missing headstones. In other words which missing headstone is close to another family member with a complete headstone. Also find the footstones with initials which also have a missing headstone.

The route of the photographer was to start at the southeast corner and make a general circle around & near the borders of the cemetery going first north and then west, then back south and east to finish the cemetery. This worked out well because most of the stones were not in the center of the cemetery. The most southern located stone was E. J. Burch and the further northern stone was that for James E.P. McGrew who was killed in the civil war. The Wilkinson family stones were scattered in a couple of rows around the (front) eastern edge of the cemetery. Whereas the McGrew family seemed to occupy the next couple of rows back all the way to the northern edge next to the rock wall. There is a fallen rock wall on the northern edge and the western edge but none on the southern or western edge. The Norman, Walker, Flippen, Dennis, Choate & Carrall children are on the western edge further up the slope.

This is a difficult cemetery for standing monuments as the slope tends to cause the stones to lean and fall down the slope and sometimes into the grave. They often then sink very deeply so that stones can easily be lost that way. I saw four or five monuments that had toppled and parts slide down the hill so as to appear to be parts of separate tombs. With the proper muscle power or lifting equipment there were several monuments that could easily be restored as the bases were still in place and appeared to be reasonably level. The easiest example of that was the Jonas Wilkinson tomb. A giant rough cut stone exist near the entrance that appears to have been a part of a gate which existed here at one time, but has long since toppled and also there is no evidence of any kind of a fence since in olden times that would have been wooden or iron.

There are several inscriptions above which mentions the Methodist Church. Some as the Methodist Episcopal abbreviated as M.E. and others just Methodist. This leads me to believe there was a church near this place at one time perhaps located on the flat area near where the house now sits. It is even possible the old house was a Methodist Church before being converted to a residence. The home is rectangular shaped which is a bit like some of the Methodist Churches do their architecture

Color legend for understanding above:
Black Normal Name listing in size 14
Red - New listing not reported in the book Giles County Cemeteries in size 14
Green - detail of listing in size 12
Dark Blue or purple underlined is a Link to a photo or another page in size 14

This publication is based on the photography and visit of this cemetery by C. Wayne Austin 12 Mar 2013. Added to this site 14 Mar 2013 by the same. 48 of the above 61 listings were previously published in the book Giles County Tn Cemeteries by the Historical Society, 1989, page 523. Of the 48 some had minor date errors, etc. has not properly portrayed this cemetery. They list a Richard John Wilkinson, 1807 - 7 Jan 1862 as being  buried here but they say he died in the Civil War at Camp Weakley, possibly of Measles and if so may be buried elsewhere. He went by the name John Wilkinson.  His listing was one of 8 reported there. [24 Jul 2014:  Tressie Nealy <> Changes to Amis Arrowsmith and others.]