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Mapping the location     Area photos of the cemetery

WILKERSON, Allen Y., 5 Jul 1792 - 19 Apr 1850. "Farther"/(Father)
WILKERSON, Aleth, Jan 1804 - 14 Feb 1858.
WILKERSON, John A., 15 June 1830 - 7 Apr 1859.
WILKERSON, William Puryear 1822 - 1882.
WILKERSON, Rachel Hughes 1837 - 1924.
WILKERSON, Mary Hughes, daughter of W.P. & R.V. Wilkerson,  20 Jul 1860 - 30 Oct 1880
WILKERSON, Frances A. J., consort of William P. Wilkerson, 12 Apr 1827 - 24 Nov 1854.
WILKERSON, John Lee, son of W.P. & R.V. Wilkerson, 12 Apr 1873 - 20 Sep 1876.
WILKERSON, William A., 1870 - 1950.
WILKERSON, Julia A., 1883 - 1939.
WOODWARD, Alice Y., wife of C.P. Woodward, 11 Feb 1868 - 7 Aug 1904.
GOODLOE, Adda W., wife of J. Rush Goodloe, 10 Jul 1866 - 17 Dec 1899.

This cemetery is enclosed in a rock wall about 25 feet by 30 feet. The wall is in reasonable good shape. Mr. Morris the owner is pleasant and welcomes strangers interested in visiting and the well being of the cemetery. He allows visits here with notice and respect for fences and gates. He has some plans to maintain this cemetery, but may welcome your help. Two very old Cedar Trees mark this graveyard which probably were here in the early formative years of this family graveyard. Other saplings have sprung up in recent years and now invade the premises creating a hazard for the memorials, the graves, and the rock wall. Other than the top fallen from the Allen Wilkerson memorial, the memorials are all standing. One box tomb is fractured in the center. A good cleaning is all that is required to make this cemetery look as it did 100 years ago.

The historic home across the road northwest of the cemetery was occupied by the Wilkerson family interred here. It is quite historic and architecturally pleasing. It is thought to have been founded well before the Civil War. It is well maintained and also is currently owned by a different Morris family who are cousins of Mr. Morris the cemetery owner.

Cemetery photos by Wayne Austin 22 Dec 2009, with the help of Mr. Morris the property owner. Listed on page 523 of the book Giles County Tennessee Cemeteries by the Historical Society 1986.