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Location: Chapel Hill Tn., on the premises of Henry Horton State Park.

Village of Wilhoite Mills     The remains of the Old Mill    Location Map

BEASLEY, Adeline Horton, 26 Oct 1928 - 14 Dec 1995. (d/o Tennessee Governor Henry Hollis & Adeline (Wilhoite) Horton)
HORTON, Henry Hollis, 1866 - 1934, Governor of Tennessee, 1928 - 1933.
HORTON, Adeline Wilhoite, 28 Mar 1878 - 26 Apr 1960, 1st Lady of Tennessee, 1928 - 1934, wife of Governor Henry Horton, married 25 Nov 1896. d/o of John Benton Wilhoite and Elizabeth Tompkins "Lizzie" Bullock.
HORTON, John Wilhoite, 6 Oct 1897 - 9 Feb 1962, Tennessee, 2nd Lieutenant EA-RES World War I.
HORTON, Margaret Josephine Adams, 15 Jul 1901 - 12 Jan 2004. (wife of John Wilhoite who was born 6 Oct 1897)
ROBINSON, Anna Adeline Warner Wilhoite, 6 Jan 1814 - 16 Mar 1876,daughter of John & Eunice (Dixon) Warner. wife of; 1st William Wilhoite, b.1804; 2nd James Robinson.
TURNER, Willie & two other infants, birth & death unknown.
WILHOITE, Jacob R., 23 Jun 1836 - 24 Oct 1863, (son of William & Anna Adeline (Warner) Wilhoite), 4th Tn Calvary, C. S. A., Colonel under Nathan Bedford Forrest, was killed in the Civil War, "He leaves a Kind & affectionate Mother & Brother to Mourn his untimely Loss"
WILHOITE, Jacob Richard, 2 Jan 1870 - 3 Sep 1927, never married, took over the milling operation from his father. (son of John Benton & Lizzie (Bullock) Wilhoite)
WILHOITE, John B.(Benton), 23 Dec 1830 -15 Mar 1911, Operated Grain Milling Operation  near here on Duck River, village of Wilhoite was named after him. (son of William & Anna Adeline (Warner) Wilhoite)
WILHOITE, Lizzie Bullock, 25 Aug 1840 - 11 Nov 1908. (Wife of John Benton Wilhoite; nee Elizabeth Tompkins "Lizzie" Bullock.)

During 1962 the bodies of Governor & Mrs. Henry H. Horton were moved from the Lone Oak Cemetery in Lewisburg to this cemetery. 
At one time this was located in the village of Wilhoite whereby a major grain milling operation was the center of commerce along the Duck River. These mills were founded by two brothers and a widowed mother who were John Benton & Jacob R. Wilhoite along with their mother Anna Adeline Warner Wilhoite Robinson. 
Anna Adeline Warner was the wife of deceased William Wilhoite and following his death Anna married James Robinson who also died before this milling operation came to fruition in 1846. This operation was located on the old Fishing Ford river Crossing in Marshall County Tennessee near their home. The farm and mill village bore the name Wilhoite for many years, located today in the Henry Horton State Park. 
Later Adeline Wilhoite Horton the daughter of John Benton Wilhoite married Henry Hollis Horton who subsequently became Governor of Tennessee in 1927. 
The remains of the Mill can still be seen down in the bed of the Duck River in the form of large shafts, gears and Cedars timbers that supported the mill & mill house. The original bridge piers still stand just east of the current bridge where the main highway crossed the Duck River years ago. Also there was a large antebellum house located near the river & occupied by the Wilhoite family. That was near the place in the park where the hotel complex is located today.

Sources: Family Research & Records of Wayne Austin. The book and research of Jacob & Faye Wilhoite: "Ancestors & Descendents of Jacob Wilhoite 1751 - 1821", pages 111, Subchapter IV, Page 121, Volume I
Maps of Microsoft & Google sites. Photography by Wayne Austin, 5 Jun 1992, digitized on 15 mar 2008.