Mapping the Location

The remains of the old Home site: 7666/7667/7668/7669/7670/7681/7682/7683
The remains of the old Log barn, destroyed by a storm, has the corn crib on one side and the stock quarters on the other: 7671/7672/7673/7674/7675/7676/7677/7678/7679/7680
Cemetery Overviews of the grave area including layout:7709/7694/7695/7705/7707/7708/7662
Cemetery before clearing:0855/0850/Jim Thomas surveys the task:0852/An old Barn at the entrance gate-once was a store:0858

WHITE, William White, Jr,
10 Jan 1755 - 6 May 1833,
Revolutionary War Soldier, born in Fauquier County Virginia, died near Mulberry, Lincoln County, Tennessee. His grave may or may not be here but he lived in this area in the latter part of his life)
WHITE, Elizabeth,
b abt 1775 - 7 Aug 1852 in Mulberry, Lincoln Co, TN. (2nd wife of William White Jr., maiden name unknown)Census-1850
WHITE, J.F.(James F.),
10 Aug 1816 - 2 Aug 1852. (north side of monument)7689C/7689/7701/other photos:7661
WHITE, M. V. (Martha Virginia Payne White),
6 May 1816 - 21 Apr 1891 age 74 y, 11 m, 15 d; widow of James F. White. (west side of monument)7686C/7686/footstone M.V.W.:1819/other photos:7704
WHITE, James Carrol,
6 Jul 1847 - 7 Aug 1847.(north side of monument)7689CC/7689/7701/other photos:7661
WHITE, D F. (Dianah Frances),
3 May 1845 - 24 Feb 1874.(south side of monument) 7687C/7687/footstone D.F.W.:7696/other photos:7659/7703/
WHITE, Martha M.,
9 May 1851 - 13 Aug 1852. (north side of monument) 7690C/7690/7701/other photos:7661
WHITE, 2 Infants of J.F. & M.V. White
(no dates)(north side of monument)7690CC/7690/7701/other photos:7661
WHITE, T. J.(Thomas Jefferson),
3 Apr 1848 - 22 Apr 1900, Age 52 yrs. married V. C. Stone, 17 Dec 1874, Lincoln Co, TN. 7685C/
7685/other photos:7660/7688/7702
WHITE, B. K., info from Micky Etu, May 1999 who says this child of James F. & Martha Payne White was buried here-there is no formal headstone.

Small stone with initials J. M. T. Clearly J.M., but the T is not as certain. Other inscription follows, but not readable. It is known that folks with the surname Tucker owned this farm at one time:1848/7663/7698/7700

Piles of stones covering graves appear to be for children:1824/1823/1822/7706/7691/7692/7693

Some E-mails that relate to the descendents of this cemetery: E-mail
The Cemetery restoration crew:
William White family history - Copy and paste to your browser window: http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~tngiles/charts/white1.htm [research by Paul White and Ginny Keefer several years ago]
Unique look at the 1820-1830* census showing the White family in the neighborhood line up based on the Mulberry creek locations of the East & West fork branches, Lane mapping by Nancy Austin Hall: MAP/neighbors on one page of the 1830 Census. For some reason Nancy Hall shows Wm White in this map on the 1820 & 1830 census in conflict with Ginny's research who says Wm White came to Lincoln Co in 1824. I do not know which is right. [CWA, 1 Jun 2013]

* The east/west fork in the Mulberry Creek is located about 1 mile NW of this cemetery which is the focus of this map.

The pictures above of the small fieldstones, may have been grave covers or footstones or even head stones. The several little piles of rocks on the surface may have been placed on baby graves.

The broken stone with initials M.V.W. is likely a foot marker for Martha V. White, wife of James F. White. The foot marker with the initials D.F.W. must be for Dianna Frances White who is also on the obelisk. The rock held by someone which begins with letters J. M. T. followed by non-discernible scratching was interpreted as many ways as those who ventured a guess. Other stones of various sizes are scattered about with only assumptions as to their relation to any graves.

Joe White had two wires that he used to douse for graves and "found" evidence of more graves all over the small area enclosed by a wire fence. There may be more tombstones buried that we did not uncover, but my guess is that field rock stones are all that some received to mark their grave.

As to whether our ancestor William White b. 1755 was buried here we may never know for sure. However it is my belief that he and his wife Elizabeth were indeed buried here, but never had a marker. All of the names found were of the son James Franklin White and his family. It was the desire of some that a maker for William White, the Revolutionary Soldier and his wife Elizabeth be erected here.  [Jim Thomas, 25 Feb 2013]

This is another William White of the area and it seems a different one: 26 August 1851 reporting Fayetteville Observer: Died: Maj. William White born in Virginia 4 Dec. 1764, and died in Gibson Co., (west) Tenn. July 30, 1851. At the age of 16 he entered Washington's Army and fought at Yorktown.... came to Tenn. about 45 years ago and settled near Nashville. Dr. W.W. McNeely of Fayetteville is descended from him....he left an aged wife. [Does seem to be a different one. based on birth date. WA 18 Aug 2014]

This publication combines information from various sources including the on-site survey by Wayne Austin, Jim Thomas, Paul White & others that Sat. work day 23 Feb 2013. Photos were contributed by Jim & Ruby Thomas (1800 series)& by Wayne Austin (the 7000 series). Much of the family history was contributed by Ginny White Keefer & was an evolution of several years research by her and Paul White and others.

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