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White Ridge Giles Co. Tenn. E-mail from Jim Thomas


Jim Thomas




Tue, Mar 26, 2013 8:50 am

This E-mail relates to the sone William C. White who settled in Giles Co and the locations regarding that county.

For sometime Sue Davis and I have exchanged ideas as to where Carr Bailey White and his second wife Mary Elizabeth Watson were buried. I have suggeted that they may have been buried near the White home on White Ridge. However, she has pointed out that people who have spent much time on that ridge say that they have not seen any sign of graves there.

My view is based mainly on a story that Paul R White related about two years ago that Collie White (now deceased) of Athens Alabama told him. Collie, a descendant of C B White, remembered that when a boy he attended the burial of "an old lady White", believed to be the widow of Carr Bailey White. It was up on White Ridge, in late December, ice and snow covered the road, the horses were unable to pull the hearse up the hill, men carried the casket up to the burial place. Those are the kind of details that would stick with a boy for life.

Sue recently corresponded with Randall and Dean Noles, only living children of Deward Noles who was the son of Matt Noles and wife "Mattie", daughter of Willis Warren White, son of C B White. I am attaching their response (below) which may be of help to you. (It may not mean much if you have not been to that area.)



 I asked Randal Noles, youngest son of Deward Noles about a graveyard on White Ridge.
He asked his brother for me and this is their reply.
Please forward this to other descendants for me.
We really need someone to check deeds that understands them then maybe we could figure out where CB White owned if this could be him.
There are missing Forsythe people that lived on the ridge.
So the graves might not be of the White family.

The road beside Sugar Creek Bridge goes to Avery Word's farm.
One way goes to Puncheon, so be sure you go the correct way.

Talked to Dean and he said to say "Hello" to you. He said that at one time there were a couple of very old markers . If you go up on the Henry Goar road just below our old place and just before the Goar place. At the top of the hill, there were two huge Oak trees on the Goar Property to the right. Follow that ridge line out until it starts to go down to the old Avery Word Farm. The markers were at the top of the ridge overlooking the bluff going down. He thought it may have been 60 or more years ago when he saw them. He also reminded me of the old grave yard on the side of the hill just below our old house on the Wade Farm side of the Highway. It was almost straight across from where our barn was. There were several graves there but we always knew it as The Old Slave Grave Yard. Other White People could have been buried there also. Don't know if this helps or not but it all we have.



Virginia L. "Ginny" Keefer <>





Mon, Mar 25, 2013 2:14 am

Paul, Did you see the E Mail I shared yesterday regarding the Thomas Jefferson White buried in Iowa. His parents are listed on FindAGrave. This Thomas and his parents are from Ohio and Indiana. He is not our Thomas Jefferson White. I recall an article but can't recall if on Lincoln Co TN Fayetteville Observer newspaper articles but it probably was. It stated that James Franklin White’s daughter, Diannah Frances would be responsible for her brother Thomas Jefferson. I thought that her brother was retarded but obviously my first thought was he was still a minor. Why is everyone sure he is not buried where his father, mother and siblings were buried? I missed something here it seems. James Franklin had a couple of children who died in same period he did of Flux. Need to look up their names. Seems like James Carroll was one son. One was just an infant. Why are we looking all over for his children Ginny

From: Paul R. White

Sent: Sunday, March 24, 2013 3:40 PM

To: others

Subject: RE: another call

Dear Cousins and Friends:

My information indicates that Thomas Jefferson White, son of James Franklin White also has a tombstone in Rose Hill Cemetery, Fayetteville, TN which, in addition to his dates of birth and death, also indicates that he was the father of Willie Holland Green. Who was he? This is perhaps the reason for Mike Scott’s information in his telephone call to Jim. This was a fairly common name. The original Thomas White seems to disappear from Lincoln Co., and has no grave listed in the various published cemetery listings for Lincoln Co., which, by the way, I re-checked at the State Library here last weekend. Maybe he did die in Iowa, but Ginny’s Find-A-Grave information does not completely fall in sync with what we think we know from previous research. I would caution once more that internet genealogical research is all suspect unless and until documentary proof – often lacking in the online information and family lineages located there As Jim so aptly says, “Keep Looking.” Very truly yours, Paul R. white.

From: Jim and Ruby []
Sent: Saturday, March 23, 2013 4:25 PM
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Subject: Re: another call

Cousins and friends,

I just concluded a long conversation with another caller in response to the newspaper letter. This was Mike Scott who lives in Fayetteville. I will relate his story as he told it to me.

Mr. Scott was born in 1925 on or just off Stephens Creek and grew up there. The community was then called Ego and had a school where he attended. He was in the Navy 21 years during WW II and the Korean War. He knows the Stephens Creek area well.

His grandmother was a Copeland and a cousin to Bob and Jim Tucker who lived just around the corner on Tucker Hill (now Loyd Chapel Rd). At that time a Tucker owned and lived in the house on the land where White Cemetery is located. Mike was there nearly every day playing with their daughter. The house was still standing during WW II. It was probably torn down in the 50's. (Are these Tuckers descendants of William White, through his daughter Edith Chapman by his first Unknown wife, who married James Tucker and had sons Bob and Jim?)

Mike said that Mr. White (Thomas Jefferson) ran a store where the barn now is. On Saturday nights they would have music and dancing in the store. The store closed before he was born and was converted to a share-croppers house. Later it was made into a barn. Someone, (I think that it was a Tucker woman) told how the body of Mr. White (T J) was dug up and moved to another place, but he is not sure where. (Paul take notice).

{I think that fairly well covers the high points of our talk. I have his address and phone number and will get back to him. If he is able perhaps he could ride out to the White place with me sometime.

He certainly opens up debate on some issues for us to consider. It appears that the land where the house and cemetery are remained in the William White family for many years. The deed to a Martin by James F and Carr B White may have not have been completed. After A J White it belonged to the Tuckers who were possibly descendants of William White. The house that stood on the ground with the chimney may not have been the original home of William White. However he may have had one that preceded this.

Dr. Akin, who now owns the land, told me that he was told that the barn was used as over night stables for travelers. A store, public stables, all indicate more use of that area than it now shows.

Here is more work for all of you to jump in and see what you can find out. I would suggest that any replies be sent to all on the list and not just to me. That would make it necessary for me to pass your information on to the others. Remember, we are all in this same family ship. Let us all row, row, row.


Jim Thomas.