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 Location: Highway 245 north to Blue Branch Road. Take a right (east) turn on Blue Branch Road and go about a mile and turn north into a logging road just at the place where Blue Branch Creek crosses onto the south side of the road. There will be a concrete bridge there. Standing at the intersection of Blue Branch Road and the Logging Road look northwest upon the hill into the trees and though you cannot see the cemetery it is about 175 yards away upon the hill. If you climb the hill from there be extra careful the hill is very steep. If one goes north down the logging road about 200 yards there will be another logging road circling up the hill southwest that passes within 30 feet of the cemetery on the right. The GPS Coordinates are:
N 35.43075 X W -87.07658.

I have placed the map coordinates on this cemetery. That should be accurate enough for the Geological Mapping Survey to update their records. Studying the above map will show a branch of the Blue Branch creek coming from up a hollow after Blue Branch crosses from north to south on the north side. Today there is a logging road there that can be traveled. In years past the old Boatwright Log House stood in that hollow. 

This is an aerial map view that shows the logging roads highlighted in yellow. Notice the Stan Hollow road is just down the road. Do not confuse this location with that also northwesterly branch road of Blue Branch called Stan Hollow Road. Stan Hollow Road is just east of this Hollow and branch highlighted in yellow.

This map better defines the area for finding this difficult to find cemetery. To get to the cemetery from this map turn just before the bridge over the Blue Branch Creek and follow the Boatright Cabin Rd a couple hundred yards and there will be a logging road branching backwards up the steep to your right. If your vehicle can climb that you will come out beside the cemetery. If not climb it on foot and the cemetery will be on your right after you reach the highest point on the logging road. The logging road up the hill does not show up on the above map but is depicted on the previous map.
Maps from Topozone, Mapquest & Google Mapping. Modified for use here by Wayne Austin, 7 Apr 2008.