Mapping the Location

Area photos of the cemetery 3110/3112
Cemetery Signage monument, established 1860: 3111

WATKINS, John D., 20 Oct 1755 - 3 Jan 1860, North Carolina Continental Line Revolutionary War.  3108C/3108
WATKINS, George Riley, 3 Nov 1885 - 3 Aug 1915, son of Simon Peter Watkins. Only footstone remains initials: G.R.W.: 3103
WATKINS, Mary Ella (Moon), 20 Jun 1846 - 21 Nov 1919, wife of George Riley Watkins. Only footstone remains initials M.E.W.: 3109
WATKINS, James. L., 12 Sep 1845 - 10 Jul 1898. Remember friend as you pass by as you are now so once was I. . . . . . . prepare for death and follow me. 3105
WATKINS, Mary E. Claibourne, 1793 - 1871, wife of John D. Watkins. (no longer can find this memorial)
WATKINS, Rubin C., 1866 - 1881, son of Simon Peter & Jonanna Watkins. Only the footstone remains; initials R.C.W.: 3103
WATKINS, Simon Peter, 20 Sep 1821 - 3 Jan 1908. Kind Father of love thou has gone to thy rest. 3107
WATKINS, Joanna Barber, unknown - 20 Oct 1898, wife of Simon Peter Watkins. Only footstone remains; initials  J.B.W.?: 3106

Unknown makeshift monument from  a recent decorative concrete block: 3104

This cemetery is almost not recognizable as such with stones that were once complete monument being now only fragments piled together along a common row.  The current family living next door keeps it well groomed though as this is not their fault but likely previous owners who allowed cattle to roam in the cemetery. 

Photographed on a late afternoon 15 May 2012. The inscriptions were updated with exceptions found or known by C. Wayne Austin. This publication culminated from various sources. First it was compiled by Faye Bradford, 23 Feb 2012.  Listed on page 515 of the book Giles County Cemeteries by the Historical Society 1988. Added here 8 Mar 2013.Listed on findagrave.com with the same listings but some of he photos are misidentified due probably to their poor quality.

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