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Mapping the Location

Photos made in an attempt to locate the nearby Burns Cemetery: Dafodills indicating human life nearby at one time: 8673/Map/was it bulldozed into this pile:8674/8675/last photo:8676
Old antebellum home probably lived in by the Howard family buried nearby: 8677/Further down the road: 8678/another, even further down the road:8679/8680

The brushy views of the Warren Cemetery: 8681/8682/8683/8684/8685/view from north looking back at the Warren Cemetery: 8687
Across the road from the Warren cemetery exist this natural phenomonom:8686

LOYD, Henry, 31 May 1849 - 9 Mar 1905
MOYERS, Merrett, Son of Mr & Mrs William Moyers, died 30 Oct 1907, age: (not given), (information from death notification sources - no inscribed memorial present)
WARREN, Sarah Caroline, 10 Jan (d. yr date gone, cir 1843) - 10 Sep 1848, age: 5 yrs & 7 mo.
WARREN, Lizzie E., Dau of B. & E. G. Warren, 18 Apr 1867 - 4 May 1884.

(Name broken off or faded), 1 Jan 1885 - 31 Dec 1885.

Many fieldstones were seen in the past, some were destroyed by livestock, now, few are present, or easily found.

This cemetery was attempted to be visited but due to the security interest not surveyed. 5 Photographs thru the fence by C. Wayne Austin 15 Apr 2013. Also listed on page 393, Lincoln County Cemetery Records, book by the Tim & Helen Marsh about 1965.