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Mapping the Location


Area Views of the Cemetery: 4978/4979/4980/4981/4982/4983/4984/4985/4986/4987/4988

Signage that says: "WALDROP CEMETERY - In memory of William Waldrop and his three sons David Andrew, Martin "Mark" & George Washington "Wash". David came to Giles County about 1835 from Georgia and later was joined by his father and two brothers. They settled in this area. David, his wife Rachel Howse, and members of their family are buried here.  George Washington, his wife Levenia Brown, and family are buried across the Road, see metal plaque, attached to this fence.  Cemetery restored 2001 by Mildred Waldrop and Douglass Norman, work by Tom H. Brown. Cemetery memorials at Columbia Tennessee." 4976C/4976

GARRETT, Ann M., wife of D.B. Garrett, 26 Jun 1847 - 3 Feb 1885. 4977C/4977/4978
WALDROP, David A., 1 Sep 1817 - 8 Jul 1886. Age 68 yrs, 10 Mo. & 7 Days. 4972C/4972/4973
WALDROP, Rachel Waldrop, wife of David A., 27 Feb 1815 - 28 Jan 1890, Age 74 yrs, 11 M. & 1 Day. 4960C/4969/4970/4971
WALDROP, Sallie A., daughter of D.A. & Rachel Waldrop, 21 Mar 1856 - 15 Jun 1881. Age 25 Yrs, 2 Mos & 24 Days. 4967C/4967/4966/4968
WALDROP, James H., 16 Nov 1840 - 26 Mar 1862. Age 21 Years, 4 Months & 10 days.   4964C/4964/4965
Across Hwy 31.
WALDROP, G. W., Co. B, 3 Tenn., No Date Listed. 4976C/4976
WALDROP, Levinia, wife of Washington Waldrop, 17 Jan 1813 - 28 Jun 1864. 4976C/4976
WALDROP, William H., son of Washington & Levinia Waldrop, 4 Mar 1837 - 3 Jul 1863. 4976C/4976
WALDROP, Martha J., dau of Washington & Levinia Waldrop, 4 Dec 1843 - 10 May 1862. 4976C/4976
WALDROP, Newton J., son of Washington & Levinia Waldrop, 28 Feb 1842 - 9 Dec 1861. 4976C/4976

Unknown base of Obelisks stone top missing. May be buried under the topsoil - located next to David A. Waldrop: 4974/4975

In spite of the restoration this cemetery has grown back up. I had to use a machete for 20 minutes to clear the giant Polk Berry stalks so I could get into the fenced area and make these photos. Also I failed to see the metal plaque by the fence and also went back later to look for the graves across the road, but was unable to locate that. So I saw no sign of a cemetery across the road.  Maybe the stones across the road are fallen or maybe they are there in unmarked graves. There is a narrow tree line along the road which did not look substantial enough to include a graveyard. Since two trips did not explain this cemetery I will leave it to posterity to figure out the missing details. There was a field road that paralleled the highway which I followed and I only stopped to examine possible locations twice so maybe I missed it in my haste.

Photographed on 9 Oct 2012. The inscriptions were updated with exceptions found or known by C. Wayne Austin. This publication culminated from various sources. First it was compiled from all the known records I could find.  Listed on page 514 of the book Giles County Cemeteries by the Historical Society about 1988 & Page 820 in the book Maury County Cemeteries. Added here 29 Mar 2013.