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aka McGee-Waggoner Cemetery.

Mapping the Location

Stoney Point Church of Christ - 1/4 north on the left north of Waggoner Cemetery: 3678/3679
Old home and barn on left about 1/2 mile south from Waggoner Cemetery - long since abandoned. This was once someone's pride of ownership: 3658
Area view of the thicket - Nothing much visible due to dense growth of Privy Hedge. 3664/3675/3676/3677

BEDWELL, John W., Aug 23, 1870 - Nov 3, 1908 3668/3667
BEDWELL, Fannie E., Nov 17, 1873 - Nov 9, 1959. 3667/3668
BEDWELL, Annie May, Apr 22, 1903 - Jun 23, 1905. 3669
MOORE, Fannie, Dau of V. W.& N. E. Moore, Jul 4, 1894 - Oct 4, 1894. (not found in 2011)
PEARSON, Jim, Aug 26, 1926 (adult grave) (not found in 2011)
WAGGONER, Alexander,  May 20, 1820 - Nov 23, 1903. An honest man the noblest work of God. 3666
WAGGONER, Mary, May 20, 1835 -  Mar 25, 1911. I will be watching and waiting for you. 3665
WAGGONER, Bettiean, Jan 20, 1857 - Sep 15, 1872. Sleep on dear child and take thy rest, in Jesus Arms forever blest.  3660
WAGGONER, George, May 29, 1871 - Sep 5, 1872. Sleep on dear child and take thy rest, God called thee home He thought it best. 3661
WAGGONER, Henry, Feb 1, 1869 - Sep 14, 1875. Gone but not Forgotten 3662
WAGGONER, Carl Ray, 1933 - 1935. 3672/3673
WAGGONER, Helen June,, 1938 - (no date). 3672/3674

Several field- stones marking graves with no inscriptions. 3663/3670/3671

As I photographed this cemetery behind the thicket where the cemetery resided were pit bull dogs snarling, growling and constantly lunging to break free and who knows what. That was some more music to work by. They were chained and/or penned right behind the cemetery. I am sure this was set up to frighten the cemetery visitor and it worked well. However if the dogs had broken free no doubt I would have had to injure them or be injured, because they were clearly vicious toward strangers. This cemetery was adjacent to the public road and needed no right of way for visitation. A machete would have been required to get the photographs, but because of the threat I mashed down enough brush to get the basic photographs and left, about a 10 minute endeavor. This is not to be considered a thorough survey compared to prior listings. It found all but the Pearson & Moore stones and perhaps some of the fieldstones.
Update from Gary to Mary Bob McClain. Gary lives in New Orleans and is working on clearing this cemetery during his vacation time. He says the dogs are not as bad as they seemed at first and he has identified most of the graves. 25 Sep 2012.

This Cemetery presentation is based on the photography of C. Wayne Austin dated 2 Mar 2011. Added here 18 Jan 2012. Some typing by Faye Bradford. Also listed in the book Cemeteries of Bedford County Tennessee by Tim & Helen Marsh, Page 31-32.