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The stone with the arrow pointing downward has no top that is easily found so it is missing from this listing I presume.

ORR, Unknown stone in the Orr Area fallen and the top is missing with the inscription.
At first glance one could wrongly conclude the base belongs to the Minerva Orr memorial shown flat on the ground. However, the base for that stone can be seen just in front of her memorial between us and and her stone. If I had probed the area the missing top might could have been located. The subject stone base is identical to that of Thomas Orr an almost sure sign it belongs to that family. Also the Minerva Orr memorial footstone can be seen as the small white round top marker out a ways which is still standing. The tall dark memorial on our right is the Thomas Orr Memorial dug from the ground. It was buried and flat on its face with the inscription down and was necessary to upright it to read it.

Photo and information by Wayne Austin, 17 Apr 2008.