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Fred Hawkins directions 1987: On same ridge, and within sight of McKnight Cemetery. However, it
is necessary to cross the fence into Mr. Emmett Kennon's
2008 directions: From I-65 take Exit 32 toward Mooresville 2 tenths of a mile and turn right (North) onto Gupton Road. Go about 1 1/4 mile north on Gupton Road and look left and there will be a Fence Row going away from the Road (west) leading first down into a hollow and continuing up a sharp hill to a ridge. The cemetery is to the right (north) of that fence Row upon the top of that ridge  among a stand of Trees (mostly Cedar). That is a distance of about 250 yards west of Gupton Road.

Location Map       Area Views of the Cemetery       Graves marked with fieldstones

The fence row is on our left.

GARRETT, Hezekiah J., 20 Oct 1845 - 6 Feb 1924. Father.
GARRETT, Emma V., 17 Oct 1853 - 23 Mar 1931. Mother.
GARRETT, Claude, no dates.
GARRETT, John, no dates.
GARRETT, Lewis, no dates.
ORR, Thomas A., 9 Feb 1827 - 15 Sep 1899.
ORR, Minerva E., 17 Jul 1830 - 9 Aug 1886. 'Wife of Thos. A. Orr."
ORR, Unknown stone in the Orr area Fallen and the top is missing. 
ORR. Bettie, 10 Nov 1855 - 1 Aug 1880. Footstone and a few fragments is all I could find.
ORR, Infant of Thos. A. & Minerva Orr, no dates.  (stone not found nor photographed)
ORR, footstone with initials; C. L. O., no other information or stones found.
ORR, footstone with initials; M. M. O., no other information or stones found.
ORR, footstone with initials; M. G. O.
, no other information or stones found.
ORR, footstone with initials; I. O., no other information or stones found.
ORR, footstone with initials; T. A. O., no other information or stones found. (stone not found nor photographed, 17 Apr 2008)
VINCENT, J. A., 17 Oct 1840 - 31 Jul 1933.(3rd Tenn Reg., C.S.A.)
VINCENT, Martha C., 14 Mar 1846 - 7 Jun 1882.
VINCENT, Nannie Bet, no dates. Footstone: N. B. V., Child of JA & Martha C. Vincent
VINCENT, Maude, no dates. Footstone: M. V., Child of J. A. & Martha C. Vincent
VINCENT, Thomas G., no dates. Footstone: T. G. V., Child of J. A. & Martha C. Vincent.
Unknown fragments with the "Dec.", no other information or stones found.

Sadly this cemetery has been nearly destroyed by Vandals since it was last transcribed. Not a single stone was found standing when I arrived. Only two of the inscriptions could be read complete without digging and putting broken peices together. I managed to upright the Thomas Orr memorial while there and it was OK due to being buried beneath the soil (lost to the vandals.) 
The largest monument, a one ton modern gray granite memorial, was toppled on its face by a large tree trunk pushing up against the base rendering it out of level. Couple that with cattle rubbing against it to appease their itching and it fell off its base onto its face. The stone weighs as much as a ton so no one can raise it without equipment. It is the Vincent memorial and I was unable to confirm the inscription for J. A. & Martha Vincent. Unless Marshall County translators did so Mr. Fred Hawkins was the last person during 1987 to read & publish the inscription so we are relying on him or even prior to him assuming he was unable to read some of these stones. I do not know who was the last to read the inscriptions above on upright stones, but I doubt it has been with the last 20 years. We as citizens should be outraged to see such destruction to historical cemeteries. The answer is simple. Document in place and then remove all these cemeteries to a common large community cemetery and return this land to the farmer.

Photographed and transcribed, 17 Apr 2008, Published here all by Wayne Austin, 3 May 2008.
Mr. Fred Hawkins visited and listed this cemetery on 16 Nov 1987 in the book Maury County Tennessee Cemeteries Page 802. I am not aware of if Marshall County historians listed it.