Mapping the Location

Area Photos of the Vaughn Cemetery: 6290/6291/6292/6293/6294/6295/6296/6297

VAUGHN, James, 24 Aug 1814 - 9 Mar 1885. Born McLinburg Va. Since thou can no longer stay to cheer me with thy love. I hope to meet thee again in yon bright world above.  6285C/6285
VAUGHN, Cynthia Jane, 2 Aug 1827 - 28 Jan 1867, daughter of Jonathan Ford, consort of James Vaughn. In triumph of Christian Faith wich she lived. 6284C/6284
VAUGHN, John W., 12 Oct 1847 - 31 Apr 1911. (tombstone inscribed April 31 - no such date) Dearest Brother thou hast left us Here. Thy loss we deeply feel. 6287C/6287/6288/6289
VAUGHN, David Parsons, 20 Jul 1845 - 21 Mar 1903. 6283C/6283
VAUGHN, Ella Ann, 24 Mar 1856 - 28 Nov 1924, (daughter of Robert Sanders; wife of David Parsons Vaughn). 6283C/6283
VAUGHN, Cynthia Alice, b. & d. 10 Nov 1903, Infant daughter of T. J. & Carrie Lou Vaughn.  6286C/6286

I was told the area back in this little snug cove was on a road to Campbellsville or some other place such as Wales at one time and there was an old school here in this valley. There is another graveyard several hundred yards to the east of this place where only fieldstones mark the graves. It is at the top of a tall hill. This could mean that graveyard was the slave graveyard if his family were slave owners or it may be a graveyard for children that died in the old school, among other possibilities.

Visited & photographed 20 Oct 2010 by C. Wayne Austin with the help of the gentleman shown in one of the photos. Initial typing by Faye Bradford. Added to this site 14 Jul 2012 by C. Wayne Austin. Also published in the book Giles County Cemeteries, Page 512 by the Historical Society, 1986. Presented on Since there is no local mapping for this cemetery there is no one to locate this cemetery for casual visitors, so no photos there.

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