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This map shows the coordinates of the Vaughn Cemetery. This cemetery is not plotted on any map that I know of, Coordinates by C. Wayne Austin. Another Larger Topo Map showing the trail back into this hollow.

From Pulaski go west on Hwy 64 and turn north (right) on Big Dry Creek Road. Go by the old Mt Moriah Church & Cemetery on the right and continue north for several miles. Turn right on Tatum Road and go to the Little Dry Creek Road. Turn right and go several hundred yards to the Welcome Valley Baptist Church on the right. With permission go into the residential road opposite the church and ask for help in getting back to this cemetery. The cemetery is not on these folks land but the gentleman has permission to take visitors to this cemetery.

This aerial map shows the cemetery route you will take from the residential house which is a field road. The road basically follows a spring branch back up a hollow (cove) or valley.

This maps zooms in a little more and shows the icemetery marked with a red check and the green field where the road goes up into the cove.

This map shows the cemetery marked with a red check at the tree line jutting out into the long field. It is across from two houses sitting side by side. One is a very old historic house and another a modular house of recent times. This is strictly private property so do not go here without permission. People live in these houses that have those big deer rifles. To stay safe we don't want to be on the wrong side of that situation whether they have good judgment in using them or not.
Mapping from Topozone MS Streets & Trips & MS Bing mapping. Modified and added here 12 Jul 2012 by C. Wayne Austin.