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TARPLEY CEMETERY (Owl Hollow Road at base of Hwy 64 bypass) GILES COUNTY, TENNESSEE

This map shows the GPS coordinates of the Tarpley Cemetery. 

This road map shows the cemetery at the foot of the west bank of Hwy 64 just back from where it merges with the new Pulaski Bypass aka Hwy 64 bypass. This is about 3 miles southeast of of the center of Pulaski.

This aerial map shows the cemetery in the dense thicket at the foot of the highway. You have two choices to get to this cemetery. Climb down the steep highway bank (recommended only for mountain people) or go in to the residence shown in this view from Owl Hollow Road and get permission to go thru a gate on the right side of the driveway and go across the pasture to the cemetery. Carry brush cutting equipment if you go because the monument is covered in honey suckle and cow itch vines to an extent it is not visible, except within a few feet.
Mapping from Topozone MS Streets & Trips & MS Bing mapping. Modified and added here 6 Nov 2012 by C. Wayne Austin.