Mapping the location

Area Views of the cemetery:3624/3631/3632
Historic looking homes along the road: 3621/An old house still standing just south of the cemetery and on the opposite side of the road:

McAFEE, Doris Corrine, Jan. 27, 1928 - Apr. 21, 1940.(d/o Raymond McAfee and Irene Barnes. Great-granddau. of John Henry Sullivan through his daughter, America.)
MILSTEAD, Jessie D., 
Apr. 15, 1919 - Oct. 15, 1919. (s/o William Travis and Fannie Mattie [Sullivan] Milstead; Jessie was the twin of Bessie Ruth (Milstead) Forrester of Howell, Lincoln Co., Tennessee. His death certificate, confirms he was buried here. He had contracted influenza)
MILSTEAD, Johnnie Mae, Oct. 30, 1906 - Jun.1908. (d/o William Travis and Fannie Mattie (Sullivan) Milstead)
MILSTEAD, Marjorie Kathleen,
 May 16, 1922 - Aug. 5, 1922. (d/o William Travis and Fannie Mattie (Sullivan) Milstead)
MINATREE, Willie B. Sullivan, 1879 - No other date known.
1877 - 1940, Nee Ada Jane McGee w/o Benjamin Franklin Sullivan.
SULLIVAN, Infant Boy,
Jun. 21, 1918 - Jun. 21, 1918.(s/o Benjamin "Uncle Ben" Franklin Sullivan and Ada Jane McGee)
SULLIVAN, Johnnie Lee, died 3 Dec 1906, (s/o Benjamin "Uncle Ben" Franklin Sullivan and Ada Jane McGee, no inscribed stone)
SULLIVAN, John Henry "Gramp", Nov. 15, 1851 - Jun. 10, 1940.(s/o Berry and Cynthia Emeline (Marr) Sullivan.)
SULLIVAN, Mildred Caledonia "Milda" Faulkner, May 18, 1849 - Apr. 28, 1918. d/o William "Billy" Faulkner & Elizabeth Bandy; 1st w/o John Henry "Gramp" Sullivan.)
SULLIVAN, Thomas A. "Uncle Tom", Feb. 11, 1874 - Feb. 26, 1933. (husband of Mary Belle Mills who was the daughter of John Hewitt Mills and Temperance "Tempy" Daniel Mansfield.)

Fieldstones marking graves:
3625/3626/3627/3629/3630/3633/3631/3632 has this cemetery well depicted and also much family history and old family photos. It is odd I only found one inscribed stone and they show one other one that I missed. However it is clear there are many fieldstones marking graves of the other folks listed above who have no inscribed marker. I suspect someone knows of the existence of all the above folks and knows they disappeared from the picture after burial behind the old home place so correctly concluded they are here in unmarked graves.

The old Sullivan home is in front of the cemetery down next to the road but in a near collapsed state. See findagrave for family photos of this large family. Upon my visit the owners or renters of the home were unhappy about what might be done to the cemetery to infringe upon their right to privacy. So respect that as best as you can if you go here.

Photographed by C. Wayne Austin 2 Mar 2011. Added here 21 Aug 2012. has these listings presented very well in spite of the knowledge that the graves were all mostly unmarked. Most of that work is signed by someone as "The Mikado, et al". He has listed most of the info on Please go there if you are interested in this cemetery for more information.

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